Imex Systems, Inc.: Powering Smart Cities through Smart Governments

SI Team
Thursday, December 11, 2014
SI Team
Many governments in developed countries invested billions of dollars to implement e-Government solutions. Unfortunately, many of these governments don't realize the benefits.

Instead of presenting e-Government solutions as an integrated system, they build applications that are siloed by department or agency.

Emerging economies need to enforce accountability and transparency in public sector, improve fiscal management, and provide citizens better accessibility to government services. Some countries have skipped desktop and directly embraced mobile technology as their primary means of accessing internet and communications. The need to use mobile platforms to deliver government services is therefore not an option, but a necessity.

In both developed countries and emerging economies, citizens need cost effective, integrated solutions that meet their needs. A second generation of e-Government systems use modern technology to deliver services through multiple channels, including mobile devices.

Imex Systems allows governments to embrace new technologies. As the needs in e-Government have evolved, so have the Imex Systems' offerings. Imex Systems, based in Washington DC, Toronto and Dubai is able to create a fully integrated technology platform that helps to not just implement e-Government, but smarter government.

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