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MobileForceSoftware:Driving the Paradigm Shift in Enterprise Mobility

Kamalika Roy Chowdhury
Monday, December 1, 2014
Kamalika Roy Chowdhury
According to industry experts, enterprise mobility is a disruptive force that many organizations are dealing with, and this trend is expected to continue and grow in the foreseeable future. Increasing demands from business units are putting additional pressures on IT organizations to deliver an ever larger number of mobile applications, and dev teams are struggling to keep up. Traditional lengthy and expensive development cycles, with protracted time to value, are no longer sustainable. Teams will be forced to employ practices that are different from traditional application development. It is estimated that by 2018, more than half of all mobile apps will be created by business analysts using codeless tools (Source: Adopt a Bimodal Approach to Mobile App Development Strategy, Gartner, July 2014).
MobileForce Software, Inc. (www.mobileforcesoftware.com), based in Sunnyvale, CA. is an innovative software company developing solutions to capitalize on the mobile app explosion. MobileForce Software is an industry leader in providing cloud-based solutions to help companies rapidly configure secure, scalable, native mobile apps that integrate with on-premise as well as cloud-based enterprise applications. F500 customers include Cisco, Intel, HP, Mass Mutual, and CenturyLink. The MobileForce Unification Engine offers a unified view of critical corporate information across PC, tablets and mobile devices without any coding, empowering users to consume and update relevant data to succeed in any context - whether in an elevator, a coffee shop or a formal presentation. Companies such as Cisco, Intel, Century Link and Cepheid use MobileForce solutions to drive productivity and efficiency gains by connecting people with relevant information - anywhere, anytime - resulting in substantial ROI benefits.

According to Jagadish Bandhole, Founder & CEO of MobileForce Software: "This true no coding solution can be used by business users to rapidly assemble and configure stunning mobile app user experiences - without compromise - and reduce time to market by 75%. These apps have resulted in double-digit percentage productivity gains within 100 days of deployment".This notable transformation has proved to be a true disruption within this space as opposed to the traditional norm of coding which was making the process expensive and take a lot of time.

MobileForce Viewpoint
One of the initial challenges that MobileForce faced was to bring all the corporate data and applications securely under one roof, talking to each other via defined work flows, and make them accessible anywhere and anytime. Having said that, some of the key prerequisites still needed to be taken into consideration, in order to combat those aforementioned challenges. These obstacles were identified as Security, User Experience and Analytics.

From a security standpoint, it was important to implement access controls to secure the data - in motion and at rest - as well as control read/write access based on the login ID and role of a given user. Support for OAuth, SAML2, AD/LDAP authentication standards, SSL, and PKI encryption was also important.

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