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Ilantus: Secure Access to Enterprise Applications

SI Team
Tuesday, February 9, 2016
SI Team
Cloud adoption is growing exponentially day by day. With a noticeable shift of organizations towards cloud services and mobile apps to boost productivity and cut costs, managing user identities and access to IT resources has become challenging than ever before. In this emerging IT environment, the key task is managing access to applications and data by employees and partners from multiple devices and locations, without compromising on the security of enterprise critical information or data. To help companies build strategies to manage online identities and control access in a more effective manner, ILANTUS Technologies, an integrated solution provider in the IAM including- identity management, access management, access governance, federation and information security- is at service.

Founded in the year 2000 by Binod Singh, CEO of the firm, the whole team at ILANTUS Technologies has always been passionate about his commitment towards providing end-to-end solutions for Identity and Access Management and Governance. With rich experience in providing implementation and managed services, the company has been leveraging best of breed technologies to address the complete life cycle of Identity Management.

"After implementing ILANTUS Password Express, our users' dependence on IT resources for password unlock and reset was nearly gone and we saw a noticeable impact in productivity in all departments, including IT," says an Oil & Gas Exploration Company. Coming under the company's Express family of products, Xpress Password, is an easy-to-use self-service password management tool that enables users, Service Desk personnel and security administrators to have password self-service from a web page on any device at the desk or on the go. The tool can be integrated with a wide range of platforms and applications ranging from ERP systems to cloud based SaaS applications.

Designed to address the newly emerging IAM and governance challenges, ILANTUS has framed its Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS)solution to enable organizations have secure access to enterprise applications and data anytime, anywhere with effective measures of control over access and protection. The Xpress Governance tool enables stakeholders to take actions on critical compliance violations via email and SMS. Pioneering in identity and access management, ILANTUS has its Sign On Express tool for delivering secure SSO for all enterprise, web applications including both On-Premise and cloud based SaaS applications. The automatic access management offering, Xpress Access, provides a single sign-on facility for all apps and helps improve app security with a user-friendly multi-factor authentication feature.

ILANTUS is one such solution provider who believes in offering solution along with providing proper assistance in its implementation and utilization. As a support to such objectives, the company offers managed and implementation services to help companies reduce the operational cost of their IGA investment. With more than a decade of experience in the domain, ILANTUS has the knowledge and skill to manage the entire Identity Environment, regardless of what the platform is.

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