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ICT Health: Creating the Next Generation of Healthcare through Technology

Pankaj Kundwani
Wednesday, October 8, 2014
Pankaj Kundwani
There are technology disruptions happening within the healthcare industry. A new mobile app or technology is introduced nearly each day that bring us closer to managing our own health and make the entire healthcare ecosystem more agile. India, being a heavily populated country, presents many opportunities in this space. According to Frost & Sullivan, the Indian healthcare industry is projected to reach $160 billion by 2017. With the government's recent plan to provide health insurance for 80 percent of the population by 2020, under its Health Insurance Vision 2020, is another driver for change. Yet medical practitioners seem reluctant to use IT heavily, due to costs involved as well as other less obvious barriers like usability. Health insurance in India typically don't cover out-patient/ambulatory care, making the IT adoption in this segment almost non-existent. Another disruption, prevalent in the media, is an outrage over private practitioners prescribing drugs and services that are medically inappropriate [yet financially beneficial to themselves]. This has fueled several debates in the parliament and has drawn the attention of the Ethics Committee of the Medical Council of India. With its international experience and exposure, the 2008 founded company ICT HEALTH, believes that the best way to breach these barriers, impeding millions of people's access quality healthcare, is to adopt IT systems and standards that facilitates real time communication between the practitioners and payers, as is the case in most first world economies.

With an office in Bangalore, ICT HEALTH is a systems integrator committed to providing smarter solutions to healthcare organizations. It focuses on achieving improved outcomes, rather than pure process automation. "We provide healthcare entities with knowledge and international experience, diagnostic equipment, as well as complete information technology solutions. We ensure that all these devices and systems talk to each other, increasing efficiency and quality in every aspect of operations," says Gautam Dey, CEO, ICT HEALTH.

The solutions offered by ICT HEALTH are built around their own award winning HINAI' platform, that has been validated against HL7 and IHE guidelines pertaining to the USA's meaningful use standards. Their solutions can be grouped under 'HINAI Web', a total Health Information and Management System, as well as 'HINAI Care', that aids in the acquisition, aggregation, review and analysis of clinical patient information, for safer evidence-based care.

Over a hundred healthcare providers have benefited from ICT HEALTH's vast experience of over 25 years and availed services from its local technology and consulting specialists spread across India, Middle-East and Africa. ICT HEALTH's mission focuses on the best-fit solution, supported by an implementation & deployment strategy. The organization endeavors to build a collaborative relationship with its clients, with the objective of tangibly impacting quality of care as well as business returns. ICT HEALTH's cloud offering deployed at Narayana Health, is one of the largest healthcare IT systems in India that manages 6000 beds with 3500 concurrent users across 35 facilities. "Apart from providing agility to healthcare enterprises, we make sure that the solutions are designed, deployed & supported by cutting edge technologies & new age business models making them more accessible & affordable, so that they are never more expensive than the problem," adds Gautam.

While public and private healthcare sectors each have their own drivers, ICT HEALTH has crafted tailored solutions for both. For the public sector, committed to provision of care as a social responsibility, ICT HEALTH's solutions focuses cost optimization and accessibility. For the private sector, it focuses on improved revenue generation through the visibility of performance of individual service centers, guiding investments decisions.

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