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July - 2007 - issue > Leadership

I equate leadership with gardening

Vivek Sharma
Tuesday, July 3, 2007
Vivek Sharma
Indians Stand Apart in Competence
There is a general notion among many that foreign companies come to India due to a cost competitive environment in this country. I disagree with this. The most important factor that attracts foreign companies to the country is the competence of our engineering personnel. Our engineers are in no way inferior to their global counterparts in taking up any challenge and coming out with success. We are noted for our outstanding level of competence. The second factor is the ability to communicate. We are proficient in conveying our ideas and communicating efficiently with the people abroad in the course of execution of a work.

Cost competitiveness comes third and not first, as is normally believed.

Convert Failures into Success, Limitations into Opportunities
I allow people to learn through failures; failure in any endeavor is a must for success. The potential for learning is tremendous when one struggles to accomplish something that was never done before. Learning through failures endows the individual with a capacity to convert failure into success and thus limitations open up opportunities to learn and grow.

Our center grew from a core of 40 people to be a company of 1700 today. As we grew, I have effectively engaged myself all along with team members and proved their worth convincingly. We demonstrated our competence to the management abroad and took up jobs to design and fabricate IP products here. Right from designing the product, verification, through validation we handle everything independently.

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