July-2007 issue
Guru Speak
Author: Bill Gates
In his commencement speech at Harvard, Bill Gates talks to the graduates about the use of modern technology for the betterment of humanity. more>>


Sharad Sharma
Product incubation and product off shoring are two entirely different worlds, and so are the qualities required to be a part of... more>>

People Manager

C. Mahalingam
The author talks about the good and bad habits found in leaders and how it affects leadership. more>>

Tech Buzz

ST Team
Son follows father to WIPRO, Genpact and IBM expand operations, 30 percent drop in IT outsourcing, Biometric IDs for slum... more>>

Company of the Month

Jaya Smitha Menon
While Nokia is seen as a handset company, the engineering challenges it encounters in designing futuristic models is... more>>

Tech Marketing

Michael Paulraj
Document applications are an integral part of business enterprises that deal with a large customer base and have to churn out... more>>

Woman Diversity

Christo Jacob
The advent of multinational companies across the varied geography has resulted in bringing together multitude of cultures in a... more>>

Tech Product

Vimali Swamy
Acer Aspire 3680, Nokia E90, Canon PowerShot S3IS Digital Camera, Panasonic PT-F100 Series more>>

HR Talk

Christo Jacob
The Smart Techie spoke to five companies to get an insight into what they look for in an experienced technology professional... more>>

Woman Achiever

Priya Pradeep
"For me personally every day is a new learning experience", says Jyothi Joshi as she talks about her achievements and career at... more>>

Movers and Shakers

ST Team
Kannan Ramaswamy, Ambletek Solutions more>>
ST Team
Usha Shrikanth, VP, Approva more>>
ST Team
Prasanjeeth Khuntia, Country Manager, Tellabs India more>>
ST Team
Srihari L, Director of Engineering, Metric Stream more>>
ST Team
Ramesh Shasthri, MD, Spike Source India more>>
ST Team
Rafiq Somani, Country Manager, PTC India more>>
ST Team
Manoj Mehta, Country Manager, SolidWorks more>>

Cover Story

Aritra Bhattacharya
Sasken’s applications power 50 million phones across the world; its services take care of deployment on thousands of... more>>

Cover Feature

Jay Boddu
Forseeing an acceleration in adoption of three main technologies- Wi-Fi, WiMAX and cellular 3G/3.5G in 2008-2010, the author... more>>
Bhasker Sharma
Security threats have been addressed for desktops and laptops, however the trend toward “going mobile” in the workplace is... more>>


Vivek Sharma
Management is to handle the infrastructure and human resources efficiently in execution of a plan while leadership consists of... more>>


Priya Pradeep
Intel is ready to launch a series of multi-core processors. We give you an insight into this new generation of processors. more>>

In Focus

ST Team
All about Infosys' global internship program, Agilent Technology day, SmartTechie's job fair, NASSCOM IT User awards and SAP... more>>

How I Got Where I am Today

Michael Paulraj
Guru Ganesan, VP of Engineering, ARM says that swapping one role for another has been his hallmark since the very beginning. more>>

Editor's Desk

Pradeep Shankar
While each of us is living through the technological changes, graduating from the PC World to the Mobile Era, collectively we... more>>

Last Word

Tracy Ann Curtis
The industry reports claim that only 20 percent of the workforce is women and only one percent of this makes it to the top... more>>
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