Helm360: The 'Avant-garde' of Business Intelligence

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Thursday, December 11, 2014
si Team
In a rapidly changing and highly competitive business environment, evaluating company performance is crucial for the decision makers. Leaders must have the power to evaluate key data points in real time, anywhere and anyhow they desire in order to derive meaningful insights which can translate to better decision making.
The Helm360 Business Analytics Suite not only brings together every data point regardless of source, format, or structure within organizations, but it also delivers "Intelligence on Demand" at their fingertips. Established as a global technology company in 1997, Helm360 has delivered unparalleled expertise in developing innovative business intelligence solutions across numerous industries. Headquartered in north San Diego, CA, Helm360 revolutionizes traditional reporting by delivering interactive and actionable intelligence to help executives make more informed decisions to drive better operational outcomes. Raminder Singh, CEO says, "What started as a data warehouse project for Toyota, soon transformed into a corporate-wide initiative ' to empower every business user with instantaneous insight to operational performance with accurate future projections."

Resolving the need of an Industry
In a direct answer to the challenges Big Data inflicts, Helm360 concentrated its focus towards building an intelligent and dynamic reporting and modeling solution. Revolutionizing the use of Google-level technology for enterprise-based analysis, Helm360 developed the only agile Business Intelligence and Analytics solution - "Terminus" - available in the legal industry today. Terminus not only understands and associates the meaning of data, but it also delivers "Intelligence on Demand" - the transformation of business intelligence from decision-support to decision-execution which gives power directly to the business user.
Helm360 leverages the most state-of-the-art technological advancements, harnesses the power of semantic technology, adaptive learning, and in-memory analytics to simplify the process of advanced reporting and Modeling, business intelligence and performance monitoring. The Helm360 technology intuitively associates the proper relationships between data elements, bypasses data normalization, eliminates static reporting structures and completely removes the barriers of data formats, structures, and locations. The new advanced factors of this technology solution includes flexibility which helps organizations to adopt an agile approach to building a BI framework as they grow, create actionable insights through Interactive Visualization, perform Data Discovery and Visual Data Mapping.

The Helm360 suite of products takes the "guess work" out of business analytics while significantly reducing costs and processing time typically associated with advanced reporting and modeling initiatives. With Helm360, firms can view data in real time, see trends and receive "red flag" warnings, and quickly make key decisions considering location, department, client, and timekeeper. Helm360 is serving worldwide with offices in United Kingdom, India, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia with a strong team of 350+ talented professionals.

"Game Plan" in the course of time

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