Go East, Young Innovators: Look To India

Aseem Chandra
VP, Experience Manager & Target-Adobe
Thursday, October 13, 2016
Aseem Chandra
India is largely seen as the world's next frontier for technology growth. I was reminded firsthand of the sheer volume of innovation and the potential that exists during a recent business trip to the country. There were billboards for mobile apps everywhere and talk of new startups launching. In spite of India's restricted resources, many technology entrants are creating technology solutions to the community's biggest problems.

Every good story offers a bit of the unexpected, and innovation in India is no exception. Innovation doesn't simply flow from Silicon Valley and developed nations to developing ones; it can travel in both directions. I see India's nascent state as one of its biggest advantages that can help to inspire entrepreneurs in the developed world.

Dial M for Mobile

In a place where more people have access to a cell phone than to indoor plumbing, the most imperative question for those doing business in India today is undoubtedly, "what's your mobile strategy?"

Indian companies are increasingly focused on a mobile-only approach. Last year, fashion retailer Myntra shuttered its website in favor of a mobile app-only approach. The company's rationale was that nearly all of its online traffic and nearly three-fourths of its sales come from smartphones. Myntra's parent company, ecommerce marketplace Flipkart, also adopted an app-only approach naming similar reasons and Ola, an Uber competitor, followed the retailers' lead. Central to their strategies is creating a seamless user experience optimized for smaller screens and offering app-only incentives and deals to entice users to download.

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