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Fostering Innovation through New Technologies: SOA, WOA, Web 2.0

Mahesh Subramanian
Tuesday, December 2, 2008
Mahesh Subramanian
IT departments across organizations are expected to focus on the more complex applications, which include the all pervasive ERP solutions, email servers, payroll systems, databases, and related infrastructure. However, there are multiple small applications that the business would like to implement, so as to improve efficiency and performance. These include mini-applications to approve discounts in the sales cycle, HR-on-boarding, and similar utilities. Collectively, these projects represent tremendous business value - the type of transformative value that has long been the promise of IT.

IT has limited resources, and will have to prioritize on what they can deliver. Increasing IT efficiency isn't going to fundamentally change this picture. The small-project ROI will be crushed under the weight of investment costs.

Traditional application architecture meant that almost everything is done 'within' the application, controlling access to the external world. However, technology-savvy consumers in business units have traditionally written their own utilities to solve some of their problems, using macros in Excel, Visual Basic, and Access. IT had little control on these 'business-developers' and their applications, and data extracted was stored in local machines, causing issues related to security and reliability, leading to the absence of a single source of truth for mission-critical data.

Many innovations have focused on solving this problem, one of which is services oriented architecture (SOA).

Services Oriented Architecture

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