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Evergrid, Mformation raise $10 M and $20 M

si Team
Thursday, May 31, 2007
si Team
Evergrid raises $10 M series B funding
B.J. Arun and Srinidhi Varadarajan founded Evergrid, a company that makes software to improve the efficiency of data centers, has secured $10 million in the second round of funding led by Menlo Ventures. In addition to Menlo Ventures, investment came from the Acartha Group, which had led the $6 million first round funding in 2005.

The company has an interesting development model. It has two R&D centers, one in Pune (India) and one in Blacksburg. The two teams are focused on entirely different products; with some overlap in the underlying technologies, each team works very independently from the “concept stage” to that of the “complete product”.

The Pune development team is excited about the research and development work around online applications. It is exclusively working on multiple problems like live migration; continuous availability using active replication, continuous availability using checkpoint and roll forward recovery. The first product from Pune will roll out by the end of this year.

In batch computing environments, users deal with jobs that take days, weeks, and sometimes months to process. They often have to restart these jobs from scratch due to system failures. “The high performance computing industry lacks proper tools for restarting jobs on large clusters. Administrators must keep a close eye on their clusters, break the jobs down into different chunks or try running jobs on smaller systems in order to avoid the pains of system failures,” says Radha Shelat, VP & India GM.

Evergrid software captures the complete state of the application execution; it is transparent to the OS as well as to the application. By recording the state of the application, Evergrid is able to checkpoint and recover from failures rapidly with minimal overhead. The software also allows data centers to do preemptive scheduling of lower priority applications in favor of running higher priority applications, with little or no data loss.

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