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Euradite: High Calibre Nutritional Products at Affordable Value

Susila Govindaraj
Monday, March 7, 2016
Susila Govindaraj
Ironically a country that invented Yoga and Ayurveda eats a lot of fats and carbohydrates in the form of junk food, but ignore the amount of proteins, fibres and essential micro nutrients which are to be consumed to stay healthy. Thankfully, with increasing education levels, income and awareness about the increasing number of metabolic disorders and obesity, Indian people have realized the need of a diet makeover. Resultantly, the Indian nutrition market is flooded with nutrition products claiming to be genuine and best. However due to non stringent regulations many substandard quality products are getting in the market that provide little to no health benefit over regular food. Meanwhile, the superior quality products, comes with a huge price premium since most are imported. Also they carry a risk of adulteration caused by the long chain of middlemen those products go through.

Inspired by the idea of fulfilling this unsatisfied demand during his tenure in Novartis in U.S. as a Research Scientist, Rohit Kapile (Founder & CEO) fathered Euradite Consumer Health and Life Care Pvt. Ltd in 2013 to offer locally manufactured products with innovative formulations at superior quality yet with low prices vis-a-vis imported brands. As a cherry on top, these products reach customers directly via channels like e-Commerce or authorised distributors to avoid product adulteration.

The Adventurous Journey

Directly interacting with customers at events, fitness competitions, gymnasium, fitness centers and social media, Euradite strives to educate customers about nutrition through interactive seminars and informative forums. "We learnt a lot from Indian market, which is filled with many different cultures having various food habits. So every time we expand to a new region we must tweak our product offering to suit the local demands. Also the Indian consumer puts a lot of emphasis on quality and palatability of a nutrition product but is reluctant to pay more for it, which poses a major challenge during product development," Rohit shares a page from his adventurous journey.

The general lack of awareness about nutrition and unclear regulatory scenario in food & nutraceutical sector in India also made Euradite's job slightly difficult. However, with the awareness via digital media, rise of e-Commerce and advent of some transparent & friendly policies, Euradite has been growing its monthly turnover at a rate of over 20 percent every month and over 50 percent annually, which is much higher than the CAGR of the overall market.

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