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Emerging Markets: The New Drivers for the Electronics Industry

Bruce Anderson
General Manager, Global Electronics Industry-IBM
Tuesday, September 4, 2012
Bruce Anderson
Bruce Anderson, General Manager - Global Electronics Industry, IBM, is responsible for IBM's Electronics Industry Worldwide, across consumer electronics, medical device, office equipment and Semiconductor companies. Through global relationships, market expertise and deep industry insights, Bruce and his team help companies across the world improve products, enhance collaboration, increase speed to market and reduce costs to sustain operational excellence and profit in today's highly competitive market place.

In its report earlier this year, Global Industry Analysts (GIA) announced that growth in the global consumer electronics industry is forecast to be driven by ongoing trends, such as, digitalization, miniaturization, mobility, and portability. Additionally, growth opportunities are also expected to stem from the widening consumer base in Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East markets. By 2015, the electronics market will touch $1.4 trillion by 2015.

Like all emerging markets, India is one of the fastest growing markets for electronics, a fact that IBM has been betting on over the past few years. IBM serves a lot of MNCs as well as domestic companies in India both from a service and product perspective. It has a large percentage of operations in India and is focused on serving electronics companies both domestically and activities to be done out of India. In a candid chat with Bruce Anderson, General Manager - Global Electronics Industry, IBM, we explore the emerging trends that have been following the electronics industries. Anderson also talks about the various initiatives taken at IBM to stay ahead of the competition.

Current Initiatives at IBM
We serve companies in a wide array of sectors such as consumer electronics, medical device, office equipment and more. A majority of activities in these sectors are done in India as well. Our services can be categorized into three areas:
1. Product Immigration: This involves product development, process and all the intelligence that is required to this well.
2. Supply Chain, Operations and Optimization: This looks at how a product is moved, built and shipped around the world.

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