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Click2Clinic: The Healthcare Aggregator that is a Clinicopedia in Itself

Anamika Sahu
Wednesday, February 22, 2017
Anamika Sahu
India has reached Mars, but Indian healthcare sector seems to be residing in Pluto – far from the reach of an average common man. Being on life support since long, Indian healthcare is witnessing a new low each day – WHO earmarked the doctor-patient ratio as one of the world’s worst, while rural population live with acute shortage of 60 percent specialist doctors. This seems to be the perfect time to go from no doctor to e-Doctors leveraging technology. While companies like Lybrate, Practo, and Doctor Insta cater to specific group of healthcare stakeholders, there still exists a gap that needs immediate attention to connect not just few but every stakeholder.

Heralding the dawn of a new era, Click2Clinc has created a virtual world where healthcare stakeholders stay just a click away from each other to assist at the time of need. Click2Clinic’s Clinicopedia is one such robust healthcare app that connects hospitals, doctors, nurses, patients (both rural & urban), physicians, path labs, physiotherapists and pharmacies, all on a single platform, thus aligning the disparate healthcare ecosystem. Acting as a healthcare aggregator, the company claims Clinicopedia to be the world’s first dedicated healthcare social networking app which knows no boundary.

An Encyclopaedia in Itself

Connecting billions of patients globally to search, and connect with other patients & doctors by symptom, side effect, syndrome, surgery or disease, Clinicopedia is addressing one of the major healthcare debacles. This free app launcher comes with value added apps like HealthCall, HomeHeal, HealthCloud and HealthBid (available on leading app stores). Moving beyond the usual, the HealthCall app allows users to send friend requests & accept invitations from other patients, doctors and medical students across the globe to build their own healthcare support network. Acting as a discussion forum, Clinicopedia empowers members to upload content, photographs, audios & videos, and browse, while the chat feature enables users to write or respond to a post on real time.

The app also provides value added services like latest healthcare feeds, journals, articles in a layman term, video embedded information that patients can look at, get basic understanding and if need be, book consultation. The app even allows patients to have a five minutes one-on-one consultation with the doctor and make request for home consultation for nurses or doctors post making in-app payment. “We go beyond the conventional ways. Hence to ensure patients get best medical facilities at affordable prices, we have come up with a unique approach called HealthBid where hospitals and diagnostic centres bid their offerings to the patients looking for services they offer,” says Dr. Sujeeth Reddy Punnam MD, Chairman & Founder, Click2Clinic.

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