Leveraging Telemedicine for better healthcare solutions

Dr. Harsha Rajaram, VP – Telemedicine, Columbia Asia Hospitals
Tuesday, February 21, 2017
Dr. Harsha Rajaram, VP – Telemedicine, Columbia Asia Hospitals
Headquartered in Kaula Lampur, Columbia Asia is one of the world's leading private healthcare chains with an extensive network of hospitals across Africa, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam. The company believes in setting-up hospitals in residential areas for accessibility and efficiency.

The application of telemedicine cannot be explained unilaterally. Since its inception, this field of medical practice has evolved drastically. With the inclusion of continuous technological advancements in healthcare, there is a wide scope of area in which hospitals, private physicians and medical practitioners access telemedicine to provide value to the patients.

In a competitive medical landscape, telemedicine is becoming a way to give medical practice an edge where it is difficult for any healthcare service provider to remain independent. To ease the business model, entrepreneurs from around the world are collaborating with medical experts in different geographical terrain to not only set up medical equipment but also provide required medical assistance to their staff.

The concept of telemedicine can be put to practice in multiple ways to bring value to the patients and the doctors. Also, telemedicine services can range widely by specialty.

Varied Applications of Telemedicine

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