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Clarice Technologies: Creating a Stir with Design-led Innovation

Anamika Sahu
Wednesday, October 8, 2014
Anamika Sahu
Outstanding user experience is the need of the hour, given the digital technology evolution which has invaded our daily life. Be it any area, banking, automobile, healthcare, news or social interactions; all businesses today have a strong software association and dependence. This has pushed the importance for great user experience to yet another level. Today, usable, consumable and desirable end user experience tops the priorities of any CXO, because the product experience is critical to success.

Most product companies face great challenge in creating harmony between design and technology for a good user experience. To address this need, Clarice was formed as a product development services company, with a mission to shape exemplary experience for software products. Its mission was "Design-led Innovation", which involves understanding users and their needs, and to come up with a design that is usable and then to apply technology innovation to turn it into a user centered product. To this end, it specializes in providing both, user experience design and cutting-edge technologies under one umbrella, and creates amazing software products for their customers.

A lot of the focus at Clarice is on getting the right mix of design and technology together and this is what differentiates it from other providers in the space. Clarice has a unique ecosystem comprising 1 designer for every 3 developers. Product architecture and information architecture meld together through a philosophy of Design-led Innovation. The 280+ expert ecosystem follows a clear and holistic design process to bridge the user experience gap, and has developed and shaped over 100 products in the past five years.

End-to-end product development starts with user research, analysis & design. It then moves to development, comprising complete engineering responsibilities like UI layer development, product re-engineering, mobility products & extensions, and quality assurance. "While there are several stand-alone design studios who provide design services, but do not know how to implement it and a plethora of technology service providers who have very little sensitivity to User Experience, we have mastered the art of integrating design and technology for product delivery," says Sandeep Chawda, Co-Founder & CEO, Clarice Technologies. This super specialized approach has led the company to grow over 125 percent CAGR over last four years and accumulate over 30 percent of their customers from the Fortune 500 bracket.

The company's intellectual and technology horse power comes from over 80 years of combined product development ecosystem experience of the leadership team. It is looking to disrupt existing and emerging markets. For example, Clarice has established its strength in the IoT space, which is a market over $40 billion in size. The company has already partnered with various global ISV giants to design & develop products in this space. "Many of our clients have established offshore units in India but still like to partner with us to design and develop the product UI layer, as they find it difficult to attract & retain skills in this area," adds Shashank Deshpande, Co-Founder & President, Clarice Technologies. This also helps them focus on the core business aspects of their product.

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