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March - 2011 - issue > Technology

Changing Trends in the Approach to Securing the Cyber Space

David Friedman
Tuesday, March 1, 2011
David Friedman
Man communicated even when language did not exist. With experience and passage of time man invented language and bridged the gap of communication, bringing ease into their lifestyle and catalyzing progress. The birth of the Internet changed the way we communicate forever.

The Internet has given a new dimension to globalization and has grown in both variety and volume. To benefit from the gamut of services provided by the Internet, the world must also be prepared to face the security challenges it brings along with it. The technology has brought with itself a huge amount of responsibility and concern. Further with the introduction of electronic transactions cyber crimes have been increasing in leaps and bounds. In today’s hi-tech world, where everyone from corporate bodies, government organizations to individuals understands that information exchange is crucial for business, it has become extremely important to keep confidential data and information safe from hackers and cyber criminals.

The study of computer security started as early as beginning of 1970s and is in a constant state of evolution. In the early days of computer security, all important studies were performed and white papers were written through government funded projects. This was quite natural as the Internet had emerged from combination of closed networks such as the ARPANET, all of which were primarily used for universities, research and defense. It has since evolved to encompass a wide array of private companies dealing exclusively in cyber security.

Cyber crimes have grown exponentially over the years and the threat of attack is very real and imminent. Getting justice after a disastrous cyber attack is also a mammoth task as the attacker can be very elusive and may be from some country where cyber laws may not be sufficiently developed to identify and prosecute such crimes. Once an organization goes online, cyber security becomes the major concern as a single cyber attack can destroy the credibility of a company. Clients would stop making any online transactions if a financial institute or pay site security were known to have been compromised.

The trend in securing cyber space has also transformed entirely from its inception days, owing to the dynamics on the Internet. In recent times, security has become a major concern from every aspect and companies, government organizations, educational institutions are looking for more security in their network. Since it is impossible to guarantee security of data in a network environment, the next best solution would be to limit the possibility of a successful attack and to limit its devastating effects in case it occurs. There are procedures employed to detect network attacks and take corrective actions early and to minimize the after effects of a successful attack. Back up, roll back, disaster recovery and various procedures of business continuity planning are employed to minimize the impact of an attack.

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