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Buildzar: Entity of Great Breadth Aiding Self-Discovery

si Team
Friday, June 3, 2016
si Team
Life gives you two choices when it comes to mould your career. One is to aim for big companies, avail fancy titles, grab fair salary, get well defined role and responsibly, and settle with the monotonous work life. While other is to opt for startups, get broader breadths, make your ideas a reality and let your work performance pave your way. Buildzar is one such platform which lets its employees explore their proficiency by exposing to vast growth opportunities. Unlike bigger companies, this goal-driven company is providing a breath of fresh air ensuring the fresh talents to grab adequate knowledge by performing responsibilities in different fields. "Our product head is working as marketing head and business analytics as well. Self discovery at young age happens in startups more than in structured corporations," proclaims Vineet Singh, Co-Founder, CEO & MD of Buildzar.

Embracing talents at the right demographic of 25-30 years who are self driven and motivated, the organization has currently 35 employees under its umbrella. The employees are happy to take any kind of challenges in work and are hungrier in life with the aim of achieving big in terms of growth and striving continuously to take themselves to the next level. Prime motivating factor for the employees is the sweet success and attainment of newer heights that inspires them to bear the pain of hard work. Interestingly, despite of offering attractive HR, PF and Leave Policies which are as good as anybody in the market, the employees of Buildzar never mind working seven days at a stretch due to the fun element in the office environment that revitalizes the employees in the work sphere.

Work life balance is all about the right alignment of job and life. As startups are very demanding in terms of commitment, one has to make reasonable sacrifices. However, to drain the strain, the thriving organization makes people work hard but party harder that maintains a healthy work life balance. In order to perpetuate contentment and tranquility, it encourages interactions while ensuring involvement of family members and spouses with the agenda of the startup followed by frequent get-togethers.

Idea Led to Innovation

All of us confront the fair share of hurdles in renovating or building home which is time consuming and the second biggest investment of anyone's life. It is indeed a tedious task that includes decision making regarding loads of products, views and bags full of information. The prime pain points that surface in the process are finding the right service provider, cost, and correct material along with best price. Often we find it tough to carry the burden due to overloaded information which leads us to leave the personal decisions to the service provider. When Vineet was engaged in renovating his house, he too had found it to be an arduous affair and had to encounter many obstacles. As nothing can be altered until it is faced, he conceived the idea of offering an online search and research platform for various home owners, builders, architects and designers to ease the construction pain points.

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