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BSBA (BBA): MAII-Stratford University

SI Team
Thursday, January 22, 2015
SI Team
The number of international students enrolled in the U.S. higher education increased by eight percent to 886,052 students, in 2013/14, of these 102,673 students originated from India. This number stands as a testament to the fact that the pedagogy in the U.S. is the most sought after in the world. To bring in the best learning experience, Modi Academic International Institute (MAII) collaborated with U.S. based Stratford University in 2009, and established MAII-Stratford University in Delhi. "The effort to establish MAII-Stratford is to make India home to international students from all over the world," says Dr. Philip Lundberg, Senior Vice President and Campus Director, MAII-Stratford University.

Inculcating functions of an American pedagogy based on the latest trends in higher education, the University brings its expertise for its students towards offering an American degree from their homeland. Through Harvard case studies, MAII-Stratford University presents a refurbished BBA program to the Indian student base. Imbibing on an active pivot on Student Centric Learning, the University balances the equation of the course by case studies, group activities and discussions, and developing and presenting projects. Maximum learning and behavioral change is achieved through small class size, with interactive class sessions that emphasize self-discovery, and peer learning, augmented by guided learning at the University's BBA program. In addition to the core knowledge and skills associated with each discipline, the students at MAII-Stratford University also master skills of Critical thinking, Communication, and Teamwork. "Every aspect of the BBA program is designed to help students learn what they need to know; master what they need to do; and become outstanding professionals and managers," says Philip.

Supported by Industry - Experienced Faculty

The University has students from over 49 countries studying in its campus. Through the International Students Organization (ISO) the University offers services to help international students make the transition to India. Providing a positive and supportive back-up to these initiatives is the faculty at MAII-Stratford University that believes there is more to analyzing a problem than reciting the textbook answer. The exceptional qualities of the faculty of each with at least five years of corporate experience provide the right exposure to the students. To foster to the real world complexity, the faculty has many factors at play in most decisions of their students� academic life. The methods of teaching affect and influence the students in the BBA course to develop alternatives that are out of the box; by examining the probable long term consequences of each alternative; and making the best decision.

Throughout the student's program the faculty monitors their success and provides additional coaching or tutoring, including remedial classes, as needed to ensure the student's aspirations to be successful. The University's goal to keep growing and expanding services to better serve its students and the employers who hire them remains undeterred. "At MAII-Stratford University, stimulation for students to work hard begins right from the point of admissions and is sustained throughout the BBA program" says Philip. Thus, the institute has been placing 92 percent students in the country's major employers and MNCs. They have also intimated many tie-ups with organizations that dynamically encourage new talent at field. The graduates are valued for their expertise in their field of study along with their problem solving, critical thinking, communication, and team work skills. The University has received its highest package of six lakhs which is prone to a steep rise as the students of the university have been creating waves in the corporate world.

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