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50,000 More JEE Aspirants Drop Out

SI Team
Thursday, January 22, 2015
SI Team
For the last few years, JEE has always recorded a rise in the numbers of aspirants, even when the difference was marginal. In 2013, 12.82 lakh had registered for JEE and in 2012, the number was 12.20 lakh. However, since 2013, after the two-tier system was introduced, the percentage has dipped. Over 50,000 have opted to stay out of engineering institutes. "The number of students in engineering courses has increased but the numbers of colleges, however, have not remained static," said Professor Phatak, IIT-Bombay. Maharashtra alone suffered 60,000 engineering seats vacancy. Professor Yadav, Institute of Chemical Technology said "The interest in engineering education is waning because of the poor quality of institutes. Faculty, are not up for it and placements are poor and engineers opt for managerial courses. The government needs to take some measures immediately to change this trend among aspirants,"

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