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bqurious: The Disruptor that is changing the traditional ways of QA & Test Automation

si Team
Tuesday, January 31, 2017
si Team
The BQ C-SAPS Platform revolutionizes test automation by creating a new form factor and new era of 'IN-LINE' functional testing which eliminates 'latency in QA Automation' perpetuating RAPID QA and FAST IT to sync with DevOps, and accelerate real time changes in Digital Commerce. The QA industry is close to a $80 billion industry, and propelled by pre-defined excel sheets and scripted procedures with traditional thinking processes and zero innovation, leaving a huge crater to be filled by technophiles. Silicon Valley Headquartered and Noida-based BQurious (BQ) brings Innovation to this QA landscape with its differentiated design architecture and patented technology underpinnings is a game changer for Test Automation and has often been referred to as the 'SFDC or Tesla of the QA world'.

Product Based Offerings

With ZERO manual testing, BQ automates the testing process from day one. BQ is script-less, self-healing and tells you exactly what gaps if any to test, providing smart analytics for proactive and predictive management. "Our company vision is founded on five principles - Innovation being the first corner stone, Impact from day one, inject Intelligence into the QA process, make the QA process Inclusive removing any friction especially between IT and Business, and last but not the least protect and safeguard the Integrity of the QA process," says Chris Meneze, Co-Founder, CEO & President, BQ.

The BQ C-SAPS cloud-enabled platform enables clients to put a check on the most serious concerns - Security, Availability, Performance and Scalability of their software - bringing automation and Application Lifecycle management to a single platform and guaranteeing zero functional deviation from what is promised to what is delivered.

"Using the BQ platform helps our clients quickly implement a robust QA strategy, QA process optimizations, and QA purity assessments, and we let our clients speak for us," says Chris. John Diep, Dev and QA Director of ICANN says, "I am so grateful to collaborate with such a technical and innovative crew at BQ - this alone helps make our deployment a success. In addition to that, here are some other great things worth sharing: BQ Automated Tests features helped speed up our test case creations by automatically generating step-by-step documentation. This enabled my testers focus on what matters for 'regression' testing.BQ's feature rich capabilities enable us to easily integrate with other 3rd party tools like JENKINS.io, JIRA, and the likes to manage our 'continuous' delivery initiative across 10 plus projects.BQ analytics and reporting dashboard is well designed and intuitive and enables me to provide a complete audit trail and weekly reports to my Executive Team in minutes".

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