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Barracuda Networks: Catalyzing a Paradigm Shift in the Enterprise Storage Terrain

si Team
Monday, April 18, 2016
si Team
Developing in tandem with humungous growth of data barging into to the digital terrain, the concept of enterprise storage has annexed more impetus over the years. However, as its usage and functionality evolve dramatically, it becomes critical and often difficult for IT organizations to sustain the modern work resources unless they procure cloud technology. This is precisely where Barracuda Networks - a worldwide leader in Security, Application Delivery and Data Protection Solutions - steps in. "Unlike start-ups, while migrating to cloud, established enterprises need support to combat the legacy issues that are dominated by Microsoft Exchange servers and PST files, database-driven applications and file server data," cites Murali Urs, Country Manager, Barracuda Networks, India. As one of the very few vendors to leverage in-house cloud infrastructure management, Barracuda has been untangling such Gordian knots through its solutions and simple solution management mechanisms that enable hassle-free and seamless migration, irrespective of the size, type and device.

Founded in 2003, Barracuda has been instrumental in spearheading a change in the industry from its initial days itself, be it through its technologies or even licensing policy, which results in a far better RoI & TCO. "Ourinvention - Spam Firewall was quite a revelation in the network security industry that was predominantly plagued with tried-and-failed methods," avows Murali. Claimed to be one of the first vendors to publish WAF solutions for Cloud, this portfolio company works with various third parties as well as eminent public cloud solution providers and IaaS enablers to handhold marquee IT organizations that are in the pursuit of improved ROI and efficient, yet cost effective storage solutions. With over 150,000 renowned clients - covering CitiBank, Coca-Cola, IBM and Harvard University - in 100+ countries, the organization has been crowned with several recognitions akin to Data Centre ICT Security Product of the Year (2015), two gold and bronze awards at 11th Annual Info Security Products Guide Global Excellence (2015), and Best Upgrades at the Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence (2015).

A Look into its Exclusivity

Another finest example of its custom of astounding the industry is its brand CudaSign - a leading electronic signing and document storage platform provider. Fueling the growth of Barracuda's expertise, expansion and cloud data storage, CudaSign has surpassed about three million digitally certified and signed documents thus far. Designed with cloud computing as a focal point, not only CudaSign, but all of its innovations - which include ArchieveOne, purpose-built Email Archiving solutions, disaster recovery, PST Enterprise and Yosemite Server Backup - have the similar success saga to cite.Their ability to enable data replication, continuous threat protection, secure storage and centralized management make the company and its fleet to stand at the other end of the spectrum.

Cherishing Excellence

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