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American Megatrends India: Enabling Enterprises to Fully Realize their IT Investments

si Team
Monday, April 18, 2016
si Team
With data storage requirement shooting up ubiquitously, flash-based data storage market is growing at a whopping 500 percent rate with key wins in major industry verticals. Enterprise businesses are aiming at chopping down the operational cost and uplifting performance without sacrificing data protection and security. Having all the right components to get the perfect balance of the aforementioned needs, American Megatrends India's (AMI) StorTrends has been enabling enterprises to fully realize their IT investments. Being one of the early entrants into hybrid & all flash architecture, StorTrends dual controller appliances feature re-direct on write snapshots, automated tiering, zone bit recording, built-in WAN acceleration capability for DR, easy to-use UI, SMART & email alerts, storage resource monitoring (SRM) and many more.

Exceptional Solutions

AMI has enterprise offering such as the highly redundant StorTrends 3500i and 3600i All Flash/Hybrid storage arrays, with a gamut of features like SSD caching & tiering, Inline deduplication & compression, Redirect-on-write Snapshot technology, Snap Assisted Replication with built-in WAN acceleration, Data tiering & ILM. StorTrends 3500i offers All Flash and Hybrid capabilities with support for SSDs alongside traditional spinning disks. It possesses SSD Caching and Tiering functionalities along with Automatically Tuned Volumes for configuring as per customer environment needs. Combined with inline deduplication and compression capabilities, 3600i range offers performance oriented, highly redundant IP SAN data storage appliances with lower cost of ownership. StorTrends 3600i/3610i models offer dedicated read and write tiers within the flash layer.

Customers like Shriram Chits Jay Ploychem, AvioHeliTronicsInfoSystems, Borqs Software, Implesys and others have already reaped the advantage of using StorTrends. The credit goes to the two decades of industry rich experience that the company holds along with ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 13485 certifications, American Megatrends India Private Limited (AMIPL) today is globally equipped with cutting-edge experience in the field of advanced computing.

Having more than 200 patents globally on innovative engineering solutions, the company has been recognized by Gartner 2015 Magic Quadrant,StorageReview.com, Taneja Group & SSG-NOW Labs among others.With over 30 years of technological expertise, American Megatrends has a global presence in India, China, Germany, Japan, South Korea & Taiwan, with headquarter in Georgia. American Megatrends India has around 460 staff members who work in unison for the different technology solutions and services provided by AMIPL such as Embedded, BIOS Customization & Porting, Mobility Solutions, IP SAN/NAS Data Storage Solutions, Platform Validation Services and Android Services.

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