Algorithmic Representation of Viral Media Propagation

Dr. Kamaljit Singh Executive Director, IMS Noida
Friday, April 15, 2016
Dr. Kamaljit Singh Executive Director, IMS Noida
Established in 1998, IMS Noida is a premier management institute that provides management education to fresh graduates seeking world-class management education and to professionals who are already employed and want to enhance their managerial skills.

The most popular way of passing the information is the media, which is passed from person to person i.e. word of mouth. The best way to go viral is the internet and therefore, social networks have become one of the most effective channels for voicing any information, message or advertisements. The success of social blogs, Twitter, Facebook or any other, has attracted the attention of many researchers.

In IMS-Noida, a Centre for Data Science has been set up, where research in this area is being taken up. The various social networking tools are being identified for media propagation and how they are advancing in tapping the data which is further being useful in data analytics. The Centre has also developed a panel for the companies looking for data analytics. This panel comprises a pool for data of Students, Alumni, and Parents of existing students, Faculty members and Staff members. The data consists of demography and behavioral feature of the respondents. These samples of data will help the companies looking for analyzing the market for digital marketing, e-Commerce and virtual media marketing.

The common perception of viral media is about being cheap, easy and massively effective. However, recent studies have revealed that the propagation often fades quickly within only few hops from the sources, counteracting the assumption on the self-perpetuating of influence considered in literature. Some of the researchers have tried to answer the following questions given below:

1. With only limited influence propagation, is massively reaching customers via viral media still affordable?

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