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ARInsights: An Application for Managing Industry Analysts

SI Team
Friday, October 23, 2015
SI Team

With myriads of technology solutions in the market, it is a challenge for organizations to evaluate and select the most appropriate product that best addresses their needs. This has led to the rise of industry or research analysts, who advice enterprises on how, why, and where Information and Communication Technology (ICT) related products can be procured, deployed and used. Several corporate technology buyers in the market today largely rely on industry analysts for their technology purchasing decisions. PR programs and Marketing Communications at large tech companies begin with building credible analyst relations. On these lines, Analyst Relations (AR) professionals must provide honest and complete information to analysts so their products and services can be accurately represented in analyst evaluations. However, with numerous analyst interactions and evaluations, executives face challenges in prioritizing their choices among them. Ridgefield, CT headquartered ARInsights addresses this challenge by providing analyst relations professionals, a single application - ARchitect. "Our proprietary product - ARchitect assists AR professionals manage their workflow from a single application," remarks CEO Shashank Kulkarni.

ARchitect stores critical analyst information in its analyst profile, allowing AR teams to prioritize while at the same time keep track of their analyst interactions. With over 7,000 analysts from more than 700 analyst firms, ARchitect Database is a global repository of information. ARchitect's regularly updated database helps AR professionals develop a target list of expert analysts. In addition, ARchitect's Analyst Relationship Manager is designed to streamline the responsibilities associated with AR professionals. Having realized that a good relationship management begins with full understanding of the technology analyst community, ARchitect provides complete information that AR managers need.

Adhering to the latest trends in the market, ARchitect, now has a mobile version allowing access to AR professionals anywhere at any time. ARchitect Mobile App allows access to the entire analyst database to all the AR professionals who are often away from their desks. The mobile app puts the entire analyst database of more than 7000 active technology industry analysts with their phone numbers and email addresses on mobile phones. It allows users to look up an analyst profile and quickly add an interaction. ARchitect's mobile app and other plug-ins provide a complete platform to accomplish an AR professional's tasks in various situations. By incorporating latest trends and addressing specific challenges in the industry, ARchitect is an innovative combination of information and technology. Today, ARInsights has 100 clients and enjoys close to 100 percent renewal rate. The firm collaborates with leading cloud technology providers while ensuring privacy and safety of client's data in ARchitect. Oracle Corporation, one of the company's eminent clients, approached ARInsights to develop a software solution to manage and schedule their analyst meetings during the company's annual event - Oracle OpenWorld. Every year, managing such a large event had become a 'logistical nightmare' for Oracle. ARInsights delivered the solution with a tight deadline and far exceeded Oracle's expectations. With the company's scheduling system, Oracle's AR team was able to schedule several meetings of different types - private meeting, round tables and some general sessions.

Having catered to eminent organizations such as Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, HP and Tata Consultancy Services, Kulkarni says, "ARinsight's roadmap envisions making ARchitect so easy to use, and intuitive that new users will require no training". Kulkarni who strongly believes that a CEO must be able to implement his vision into practice, is looking forward to engage with more AR professionals from technology companies.

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