Pranav Dalal: A Profile of Success and Courage

SI Team
Monday, October 19, 2015
SI Team
When you first meet self-made millionaire, Pranav Dalal, you are instantly struck by his remarkable humility and passion. The Office Beacon CEO, makes the art of business seem so effortless. Dalal's journey into business and entrepreneurship has been an unusual and eventful road punctuated by many twists and turns.

Early Years - The Birth of an Entrepreneur

Opportunity has always been synonymous with hard work for Dalal. It all began in his teens. Dalal developed his extreme work ethic while pursuing a variety of jobs since high school. At sixteen, the budding entrepreneur worked on weekends at a local burger chain and during summers at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto. From this point on, Dalal understood that success would not be handed to him on a silver platter.

Dalal never stopped working. While pursuing an undergraduate degree in Economics at the University of Toronto, Dalal was hired as an executive in the office of Canadian telecommunications giant, Ted Rogers. "Working directly with Ted Rogers was quite an experience; it gave me a phenomenal insight into the marriage of technology and business. Rogers-Cantel owned by Ted was the first telecommunications company to introduce cell phones to Canada," says Dalal.

While at Cantel, Dalal quickly gravitated towards sales, marketing, and technology. At only twenty-two, Dalal pioneered mobile messaging, now known as visual voicemail. The implementation of Dalal's strategic campaigns led to unprecedented success for Cantel. Therefore it was no surprise when Cantel's founder, Ted Rogers wrote glowing letters of recommendation on behalf of Dalal to the Schulich School of Business, York University to which the young protege was immediately granted admission to pursue a Masters in Business Administration. Dalal's many successes at Cantel were a sure sign of things to come: A disruptor was born.

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