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Anuva Technologies: A Luminary in the App Development Universe

si Team
Monday, August 24, 2015
si Team
In this neo-digital age, the entire populace is going mobile.From e-Commerce & e-Banking to every web-based service is now upgrading to mobile platforms. However, while it takes approximately 18 weeks of assiduous projects to fetch a desired app into the app-sphere,making this an opportunity to stand out of the queue with faster delivery mechanisms, lower cost model and global quality standards, Anuva Technologies brings a cutting-edge technology flavour to customized app development as per business requirements. Established in 2006 in Pune, this young company provides mobile app, app designing, web development, SEO services and website maintenance as well.

Riding in the 'm-World'

Anuva overcame the typical startup challenges such as poor funding & sales, managing cash flow and setting up right technical team by strategizing a lean organizational structure, faster delivery and cost control methods. This endowed them regular cash flow as well as better client support and recommendation to grow. Along with an office in Ahmedabad and marketing partners in UK, U.S. and Australia, Anuva is headed by their dynamic CEO Hemal Desai. Having presented a catalog of add-on services which include content management, app marketing, mobile payment integration and social media optimization, Anuva is climbing up the ladder of app and web development market.

While people are considering wearable devices as a 'nice-to-have' gadget, Anuva is developing apps for Apple Watch and Android watches to suffice wearable communication. With all-in-one solution for all businesses, this company develops customized apps as the trade demands.Despite hefty development costs, most apps in popular app stores like iTunes, Google Play and Windows Store get one star rating due to lack of user optimization and proper user marketing. Stepping up to resolve such concerns, Anuva has a strong app marketing team lined up to solve poor app rating and app traffic.

The Unsung Hero of m-Commerce

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