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NZT Solutions: Offering the Stimulus of Efficiency through Mobility Solutions

si Team
Sunday, August 23, 2015
si Team
The mobile app market is booming. What used to be a $53 billion industry three years back is said to upsurge into a $143 billion industry by 2016. The returns of this industry are spawned through in-app purchases, in-app ads, and others. The stimulus behind this flourishing mobile app practice is the humungous sales of smartphones and tablets across the globe. The applications are transforming into a gigantic delivery channel. Though B2C mobile apps currently win the number game, B2B (enterprise mobility) is catching up fast as all the solutions that enterprises have are going mobile. Sensing this opportunity, Tushar Goyal founded NZT Solutions as a B2B enterprise mobility company.

Integrating Hard Work with Smart Work

Debuted in 2014, the New Delhi based company has experienced a powerful upheaval sparked by the launch of its wide range of enterprise mobility solutions to industries ranging from small enterprises to large organizations and government agencies alike, worldwide. While the Concrete Foundation Actimeter app crafted exclusively for the real estate industry helps in calculating the total expenditure, extent and labor that is required for the construction of a foundation; the company's ReUnion app allows the alumnus to stay in touch even years after their depart from their friends and institute, thus bringing the soul of friendship alive.

Innovative mind and out-of-the-box thinking is something the company feeds upon and the seasoned professionals are the adroit of the realm. The living example is the latest mobile application developed for the Indian Railways, which marks the attendance of the crew members with a biometric system and also analyzes the level of alcohol consumption of the crew members. Tapping into this unexplored sphere, the app has emerged as a boon for the passengers as it enables them to relish the bliss of safety and minimize train accidents. The venture has patented this app under its renowned identity.

NZT Solutions' mobility solutions hammers the exact pain points of the clients it is crafted for, thus helping them increase their employee productivity and improve workflow processes. While NZT takes care of the entire cycle of development, testing, deployment and training; the clients aptly enjoys the benefit. Tushar Goyal, Founder & CEO, NZT Solutions, asserts, "Adding value to our client services has been our primary motto and doing things out-of-the-box is what we enjoy. This is our DNA".

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