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Konstant Infosolutions: Emerging as a Leader of the Mobile App Development Realm

si Team
Sunday, August 23, 2015
si Team
Andres Cohen, founder of a flourishing buy/sell app, was in a serious peril when his developer abandoned him with a wobbly and partly developed iPhone and Android application. With over 70 percent of the work pending and the launch date just two weeks away, Andres was in search of a partner who can turn this odd even. Lucky for him, this time Andres placed his trust in the right hands of Konstant Infosolutions, a web and mobile app development company. Konstant's team not just took over the project immediately, but put their soul in it. With extended working hours and great minds to develop apps, the venture completed the project four days before deadline without any glitch. Today, this 2003 born company has successfully built heaps of mobile apps that truly address clients' needs.

Konstant strives to do everything under its might in order to transform an idea into a successful project. "When a client approaches with a business idea, we do a thorough research to find out mobile app's unquestionable advantages, unique features and how it will be different from its competitors," asserts Vipin Jain, CEO, Konstant Infosolutions. The company victoriously crafts an end-to-end flawless mobility solution rather than just an ordinary app by performing deep scrutiny of the idea and resources available, creating prototypes and giving UI propositions; thereby smoothens the flow of the project. Vent is one such example, which was unveiled a few months back that facilitates individuals to express their emotions such as anger, happiness, agony, frustration anonymously via a social media platform.

Laying special emphasis on security, Konstant stores data in SQLite Cipher database and utilizes KeyChain Access to accumulate sensitive data like passwords. This along with Konstant's unparallel dedication, strong retention ratio and principled business ethics brings about customer loyalty which has helped the company to institute itself as one of the top mobile app biggies of the country. The venture is a registered Google play developer and a member of iOS developer program.

Stumble Stones that became Success Monoliths

The well established Konstant had witnessed a rollercoaster journey in its initial days. During early days, it took up projects from recognized organizations for very low cost to build up a strong portfolio. But the hard work and pure dedication paid off well and today, Konstant has an incredible client list. Vipin understood that the crux of success is the right talent and hence focused on bringing them on board to sail swiftly. At present, the venture has over 170 zealous employees who put in their best to develop paramount apps. Passion flows in the team as there are many perks given to them by Konstant such as flexible timings, cab facility for female employees, social activities, notice board to brag their success stories and 'Sit with CEO' campaign which helps Vipin to bond with all the employees.

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