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ABOVE Solutions: An Innovative Team Delivering Transformative Solutions

Kavitha G.
Sunday, November 23, 2014
Kavitha G.
The Media & entertainment (M&E) industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the country today. A recent report by FICCI-KPMG affirms that India's M&E industry owns 161 million TV households, 94,067 newspapers, about 2000 multiplexes and 214 million internet users, of which 130 million mobile internet users in its portfolio. The exponentially growing digitized technologies have led the industry to leap a mile forward and entertainment is one click away. This has also led to an increase in people's expectations in terms of new experiences & comfort. However, there still exists a dearth of entertainment solutions providers who craft out optimum solutions made apt for specific customer needs. Ventured to cover that dearth, a Bangalore based high growth Technology company stands tall with its gamut of technology-savvy solutions that are not only customized, but are also equipped to go along with the factors like technology complexity, ease of administering, operating costs and future readiness.

Founded in 2008, ABOVE Solutions has been cornering the market with its expertise that spans across complete media lifecycles including media aggregation, management, distribution and consumption. With its compelling marquee rapports and customer base, the company has developed prowess in audio and video technology including social media. The company is highly acknowledged for its flagship products which have been successful in creating a much finer comfort level to its clients. The application portfolio covers first-of-its-kind platforms such as TangoFXTM and Radiowala.

TangoFXTM is one of the pioneering Social TV/collaboration platforms which provides live and on-demand cinematic experiences for viewers to watch their favorite content conveniently. With the tagline 'interact, socialize and participate', this context aware media service aims at creating a virtual living room experience where users are also allowed to upload their content or consume content from third party sites and watch it simultaneously. Radiowala is a live internet radio that offers real-time streaming and has been launched over twelve different channels in various genres and languages. Besides, the company has also created various easily-deployable solutions in the domains of education, healthcare, home automation and interactive mobility.

As an IP led R&D Services Company, this bootstrapped company has been delivering world-class products & services to global clientele, while also enabling a faster time-to-market. "Our ability to sustain the focus of the company of being a niche player in the IT industry and enhance the value for our customers on a day-to-day basis has always been our constant endeavor. Today, after six years, we have established a strong foundation to realize our vision of becoming a force to reckon with when it comes to design and developing trans formative solutions in the market," quotes Poonacha Machaiah, Founder, & CEO, ABOVE Solutions.

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