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GlobalLogic: Making Work a Fun-Filled, yet a Productive Feat

si Team
Wednesday, June 15, 2016
si Team
What are the possible effective ways to retain the best? - is perhaps the biggest question that haunts every company, and the competitive business world makes the question trickier. However, that's a query best answered by a talent magnet. "To deliver an effective talent retention strategy, individuals need to be productive, organization should have right culture and leadership must be widely available," explains Shashank Samant, CEO, GlobalLogic - an experience design and digital product development services leader. With a perfect blend of best of these three ingredients, the company has emerged into a canopy for 9500+ employees spread across India, Europe and America.

Leveraging the combination of experience design, complex engineering and agile delivery, this California-headquartered company clearly understands the changing nature of tech-savvy products and helps customers create and accelerate digital innovation. Founded in Y2K - an era where the Internet had set the table for the potential IT transformation - GlobalLogic indeed brought to the palate a distinctive approach; but, also had to confront a major challenge of attracting qualified engineers.

However, the innovative engineering services company driven by its exciting armada of solutions that range from a chip to the cloud technology soon evolved into a growth-bitten organization, reaping in not only a double-digit growth but also customers and employees alike. "GlobalLogic is in the design and engineering services business and customer delight is our top priority - this can only be achieved if we have talented, happy and engaged employees," adds Shashank.

A Plethora of Initiatives

Powered by a hiring team, an HR team and an L&D team, GlobalLogic's robust talent management processes run on four key dimensions - acquisition, development, engagement and retention of talents. The hiring strategy scrutinizes fresh minds based on their brightness, innovation potential and a passion to spearhead a difference; while the veterans in the industry are assessed based on their skills and experience. The company has institutionalized various hard as well as soft-skill trainings, which help the Globytes (employees) hone their knowledge, build a career in entrepreneurship and even achieve vertical and horizontal growth. The list doesn't end here, but goes on to include boot camp for freshers, 360° Program for selective leadership roles, Talent Summit and knowledge sharing sessions.

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