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Zibanka: Making Broadcasting Content World Ready

si Team
Wednesday, August 31, 2016
si Team
The rapid evolution of technology has shrunken the globe into a village. Especially the growth of entertainment industry is on steroids with the advent of digital platforms and Over The Top (OTT) channels, which are lining up TV contents in the cloud. Rebelling against the pre-defined set top box-based transmission, these non-linear app-based TV content has handed over the power to customers to watch their favourite programs at their wish, and on the go. Subtitling and dubbing services have further fuelled this growth by bridging the language and cultural boundaries. Against this backdrop, Zibanka Media Services has already marked its eminence in the audio/video entertainment industry, by subtitling over 70,000 hours of videos, dubbing 5,000 hours of videos and editing & transcoding over 20,000 hours of videos for OTT channels so far.

Right Blend of Creativity & Technical Knowledge

As a side-effect of technology, the proliferation of social media has been forcing the television broadcasters to promptly exploit their content via international broadcast platforms and OTT channels, before unauthorised copies flood the internet. Never letting its foot off the pedal, Zibanka enables video content owners to take their enormous content to various geographies in a matter of hours. This dedication helped the company to forge a stellar reputation as the go-to service provider for time-critical projects.

It takes abundant creativity to convey Indian programs to those who are not fully conversant with our culture, without any misinterpretation. Aside from its passion for storytelling,the company's in-depth knowledge regarding the culture &preferences of global audience, telecast regulations, audio/video technology and broadcast media across a dozen languages and geographies helps Zibanka to bridge the cultural gaps seamlessly.

"As the innately complex audio/video technology, video standards and people's tastekeep evolving every few months, we help clients to broadcast appropriate content after meticulously considering various parameters," says Manoj Gupta, CEO, Zibanka. Besides effectively editing scenes that relate to sex/violence/gore to make TV content age appropriate, the company also helps clients to tag& catalogue videos effectively for easier search and retrieval making the video more accessible.

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