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Women Leadership in the Indian IT Industry

Ushasri T.S
Senior Vice President & General Manager-Manhattan Associates India
Wednesday, January 30, 2013
Ushasri T.S
Headquarted in Atlanta, Manhattan Associates (NASDAQ : MANH) is a supplier of supply chain management software with a market capital of $1.25 billion.

I was recently reading media news reports of the elevation of a senior woman leader as the managing director of India operations for a large computer services company. It instilled a sense of pride in me and among many others across India Inc. This news could not have come at a better time, especially when there are ongoing debates about the plight of women in the country.

Women’s participation and contribution continue to increase in the Indian IT sector. Today, we see women making incredible amounts of progress in technical and management education. Along with this progress, there is also been an upsurge in conversations across the board on "women in technology". Attitudes towards women in the workforce too are changing.

However, the time is opportune for us to turnaround the conversations a bit, so as to focus on the participation of women in C-suite levels, within the Indian IT industry. Having been a part of this industry for over two decades, I continue to see the majority of opportunities in technology to be in the marketing and HR divisions and less in the C-suite, and even lesser a woman at the helm. Research reports are a plenty that emphasizes on the benefits of having women on leadership teams; an essential part of creating any successful organization. So what prevents more and more Indian women from reaching leadership positions within the IT industry in the country?

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