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Wittyfeed.com: Meet The Fastest Growing Content Company On The Globe

Susila Govindaraj
Friday, April 1, 2016
Susila Govindaraj
It's 3:30 AM in the morning at WittyFeed headquarters. For the team and the co-founders, this is the fourth sleepless night in a row. Everyone is worked up and there is tension in the air. The traffic is rising by leaps and bounds on their website and with the current infrastructure it seems impossible to pull it together. "It's good to have problems", said Vinay Singhal, Co-Founder & CEO, WittyFeed. And the team doubled up the effort in no time at all. This isn't supernatural, that's how a team of 50 is scaling to become the world's second largest content website. In a matter of just 18 months, traffic on wittyfeed.com has been taking giant strides. From zero to more than 115 million unique visitors every month was a breakthrough, not a single day affair. From India to the world, WittyFeed is the first Indian website to rise to the rank of 172, according to the Alexa certified ranking. All these big numbers are fetching them great fame and giving competitors goosebumps!

Ushering Content to Right Masses

"The content industry has always been gigantic, but we identified problems. Great content was being created but had no audience. Influencers had audience but not the right kind of content and also no way of monetizing their audience. We brought three great realms of the content market together- creation, distribution and consumption. And that's how WittyFeed as a platform came into existence," expounds Vinay Singhal, CEO, WittyFeed. WittyFeed is a platform where anyone who is a newbie in the writing world can come, write and be read. Vesting keen importance on producing first and fast content, WittyFeed has built a set of tools that help it to locate quality content, while its adept in-house team who revises content strategy every fortnight formulates new ideas that would empower it to hack the virality. WittyFeed's writers who have a pulse on what is trending, ensure that the viral content they write generates clickability and is sharable. This is further boosted by the company's enormous network of publishers (6000 people strong) who can further ascertain that the content reaches to the right masses.

WittyFeed grants an access of its platform to the brands, through which it touches the lives of 115 million people all across the globe on a monthly basis. "We know our audience well and that is exactly how we can make a brand reach the masses. We endow them with a sustainable ecosystem that encompasses writers, publishers and readers," expounds Shashank Vaishnav, CTO, WittyFeed. Having clear understanding of the modern technological advancements, the company has proven its forte in all major technologies and is completely focused on being the forerunner as per the industry standards.

Touching Lives Globally

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