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Winning the War of the Worlds: PR for IT

Harris Diamond
Tuesday, February 1, 2005
Harris Diamond
A Recent NASSCOM reports confirm that the IT sector will measure up to the growth targets it set last year. While it is estimated that the BPO and IT sector will grow by 32 percent, industry leaders are upbeat about changing sentiments towards Indian IT service firms. More leading international CEOs are visiting India, and the positive results of the IT majors bode well for the industry.

What does this have to do with public relations? With disappearing trade frontiers, technological advances and information overload, today companies must compete on a global basis. PR is uniquely capable of leveraging competitive advantages in this changing environment. As the Indian IT services sector focuses more intensely on the US market, corporations will recognize the value of a well-orchestrated PR campaign.
NASSCOM recently embarked on a global communications campaign. The effort’s focus strengthening the global brand equity of the Indian software industry and addressing emerging issues in foreign countries. Communicating the business value and competitive edge was what Indian IT vendors offered to global enterprises in a tough market environment. While this has simplified the entry of Indian companies into overseas markets, corporations can take advantage of the positive sentiment regarding India IT services to enhance their individual profiles.

Public relations is currently a mature industry. While it may suffer from misconceptions, its value is well established in the modern corporate world. PR affects us all in some aspect. In the West, PR has been used for relatively simple campaigns like product launches, and more complex efforts like lobbying and reputation building. At Weber Shandwick, our campaigns have included helping Beijing become victorious in the 2008 Olympics and rebuilding trust and confidence in American Airlines after 9/11.

American companies and consumers value quality highly. They can afford to, since the U.S. is the world’s biggest market. Given the high number of suppliers for products, mistakes cannot happen. Building a quality reputation is the mantra for any corporation wishing to cater to the U.S. market. Public Relations is instrumental here, because compared to other communication mediums and marketing, PR is immediately credible and profitable. We continuously deliver meaningful, measurable results for clients.

PR Myths

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