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Winix Technologies: Creating a Connected Music World through a More Reliable Wi-Fi

si Team
Wednesday, October 12, 2016
si Team
Despite having the third largest pool of electronic scientists & engineers, our country is still unable to convince the world to buy an engineering product with 'Made in India' label without scepticism. Forget export! Even Indians prefer international consumer products, as they believe that the performance of Indian brands is inferior to international brands. Born as a brainchild of Subhajeet Roy (CEO) with the vision of breaking this mentality by building genuine engineering products out of India that are at par with the quality of international standards is Winix Technologies, a smart Wi-Fi product company.

Earned 10+ years of experience in the wireless audio realm during his endeavours as the Director of Engineering at Bridge Co & SMSC, Subhajeet felt diverted when SMSC got acquired by a larger entity with vast portfolio of products. Embarked on his entrepreneurial venture in 2015 to embrace free thinking, his vast experience in working on other platforms which deliver similar products, coupled with the knowledge he gained by visiting innumerable technical shows worldwide throughout his career helped Subhajeet to pinpoint consumers' challenges. However, it wasn't easy for him to convince the investors in India & abroad that a perfect engineering product can be built fully from India, without any external help. And Winix had to prove its engineering capacity to the international investors in a very limited time.

Fortunately, assembling a team of world-class engineers helped Winix to keep up the promise and win sufficient investment from a renowned Japanese company that has been in this business for over 30 years. "We don't see them just as investors, but also as partners. They help us in building our product's quality," proclaims Subhajeet. Witnessing an aggressive 50 percent growth for the past few quarters, today Winix is showering in appreciations internationally for solving the biggest headaches of the wireless industry through its state-of-the-art interference detection & avoidance algorithm and ultra-low latency algorithm, which make Wi-Fi a more stable & steadfast solution.

Pioneering Solutions

The ultra-low latency streaming solutions pioneered by Winix enables users to simultaneously view the video on TV, while hearing the audio through headsets. Nobody was able to build such a technology, since it has to be done quickly in order to find the sync between audio & video. "We bring in the experience of what others lack and build on top of it," remarks Subhajeet. The company's user-friendly devices will directly connect to the user's home access points and thus to internet, and enable users to stream music not just from other electronic systems (laptops & smartphones) that are connected to the same access point, but also from music service providers like radio & sound clouds through its speakers.

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