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Views on hot start-ups in the mobile technology space

si Team
Thursday, July 12, 2007
si Team
Nick Desai, Co-founder & Chairman Juice Wireless
Founded in 2004, Los-Angeles based Juice Wireless is focused on delivering JuiceCaster—the next evolution in mobile and online social media.

Now that 3G networks are largely built out and handsets have increased memory and decent video cameras, I think the most important development in mobile over the next year will be the mainstream adoption of picture and video communications as a core part of the mobile consumer experience. If pictures and videos are received and sent by the handset from anywhere with the regularity that voice and text have now, it will represent a tectonic shift in human communications touching everything from advertising to commerce to entertainment, dating and more. Why?

Because 3 billion people will now have instant, intelligent, interactive, location aware access to anything they want, in rich media This revolution will enable precision marketing, interactive dating, true social networking and user generated content, and make voice perhaps the “boring and old” thing one can do with his cell phone, because a picture is worth a thousand words.

Additionally, one obvious place pictures and videos will go to, or come from, is the Internet. Efficient integration of the .com world with the mobile platform is a related and necessary evolution that will soon follow due to the increased consumption of rich media on the phone.

From the advertising and commerce perspective, mobile isn’t about the 30 second spot on the handset, but rather about personalized video messaging to the receptive consumer at the ideal point of receptivity.

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