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Universal Charging Solution: End to Charger Dilemma

Eureka Bharali
Wednesday, June 2, 2010
Eureka Bharali
When 17 cellphone brands vowed to roll out a universal charger one year back during CES at Barcelona, none would have thought that it will come to reality so soon. Gone are the days to scrounge around for the right charger when you forget or lose it as the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is expected to roll out the universal charging solution (UCS) in the market.

The concept of the one-stop charger for all mobiles also comes with energy efficiency measures, a major criterion which ensured ITU’s approval for the project in June, 2009. As per the estimates of GSM Association it will result in a 50 percent reduction in standby energy consumption, elimination of 51,000 tons of duplicate chargers and a subsequent reduction of 13.6 million tons in greenhouse gas emissions to 82000 tons each year. GSMA says that UCS will also make life much simpler for the consumer, who will be able to use the same charger for future handsets, as well as being able to charge their mobile phone anywhere from any available charger.

Yet finally it needs to be determined that once the standard charger is introduced in the market, whether the handset providers stop providing chargers with the sale of new handsets? And, in fact, start selling them separately, if the buyer does not already hold a universal charger with him.

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