June-2010 issue
Cover Story
Author: Eureka Bharali
A best brand may take a stint of several years to be recognized and the test of an entrepreneur lies in the continuous struggle via improving the solutions as per the consumers’ convenience, time and again. The success of Tally and the... more>>

Company Spotlight

Eureka Bharali
To solve, the rising concerns on English speaking among all sections of the society, Libra Interactive has introduced its... more>>

Guru Talk

Abhishek Sahay
Sales result is the most objective indicator to the working (or otherwise) of your organization strategy and hence, every... more>>

Tech Tracker

Eureka Bharali
Chris Dwyer, Assistant Professor, electrical and computer engineering at Duke Pratt School of Engineering showed that by simply... more>>
Eureka Bharali
The great advantage is plastic substrates--and their manufacturing process--are cheaper than the glass substrates currently... more>>
Eureka Bharali
The cyberpunks are unanimously, hawking their wares via online forums and banner advertising. This readily reduces the barriers... more>>
Eureka Bharali
The concept of the one-stop charger for all mobiles also comes with energy efficiency measures, a major criterion which ensured... more>>

Engineer's Diaries

Juby Thomas
Gopan P Employer: Siemens Information Systems Designation: Sr Software Engineer more>>
Juby Thomas
Anoop M Employer: Sungard Technology Services Designation: Software Engineer more>>
Juby Thomas
Sanghamitra Singi Employer: Rass Technologies Designation: Project Engineer more>>

Tech Buzz

Roshna Sankar
To grab the fast growing mobile applications market in the country, technology majors like Mindtree, Wipro, and Arteris have... more>>
Roshna Sankar
PAC, which provides services to companies globally to advance workforce excellence, has launched GILD, a career advancement... more>>
Roshna Sankar
PurpleLeap, a subsidiary of IndiaCan, is set to provide training for freshers to take entry level jobs without the company's... more>>
Roshna Sankar
Indian Semiconductor Association has appointed Dr. Biswadip Mitra, President and Managing Director of Texas Instruments, as the... more>>
Roshna Sankar
Adrenalin eSystems has introduced Zolog, a new age framework that enables users to complete transactions easily. more>>

Tech Product

Pragyan Acharya
A 770 gram device featuring 32GB data storage, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity, 48 hours of standby battery, a 3-megapixel... more>>
Pragyan Acharya
With network capability and full HD 1080p resolution, WD TV Live HD media player is the first network media player compatible... more>>
Pragyan Acharya
2.2 inch QVGA screen, a good MP3 player that can play all formats, a five mega pixel camera, and a storage up to 16 GB will... more>>
Pragyan Acharya
Canon P-150 High Speed Document Scanner is ultra compact, portable, and is the fastest A4 duplex scanner. more>>

Movers and Shakers

Sikta Samantaray
Rajiv Singh, with over 23 years of management expertise, has appointed as the Regional Director for India and SAARC countries,... more>>
Sikta Samantaray
In his new role as the Chairman, Venkatesh Valluri will be accountable for driving the growth and profitability of Ingersoll... more>>
Sikta Samantaray
In her new role as the Director for Enterprise Sales in India, Geethika's focus will be on the growing the enterprise business... more>>


Benny Thomas
In a scenario where companies across the globe are taking up several measures to improve energy efficiency and manage thier... more>>


Kukil Bora
The days have gone by, when lack of technology forced people to limit their thoughts within a few parameters. more>>
Roshna Sankar
The process of sales can be compared with the snake and ladder game as there is a great deal of probability and luck involved... more>>

VC talk

Mohanjit Jolly
The entrepreneur needs to be able to convince a VC that, in a very capital efficient manner, he/she has been able to make... more>>

Editor's Desk

Jayakishore Bayadi
The debate on what 3G will bring to a consumers’ table has been raging for more than three years now; and whatever has been... more>>

Venture Beat

ST Team
Axtria, provider business analytics technology and services which aims to improve effectiveness in sales, distribution,... more>>
ST Team
Innova Dynamics which invents and commercializes disruptive advanced materials technologies for a sustainable future has raised... more>>


Vikas Bansal
Businesses today rely on telecoms and data networking to run their organisations but this increasing demand has also had an... more>>
Daniel Burrus
Today we’re in an era of technology-driven transformation. more>>
Kapil Tyagi
Rich Internet Application (RIA) is a terminology that one comes across very frequently. more>>
Shiv Kumar
In U.S., the Data Centers accounted for 61 billion kWh or approx 1.5 percent of the Nation’s electricity consumption. more>>
Subhash K Parameswaran
Social networking sites are a craze on the web.So why not use it for a right cause? One can easily make himself or herself less... more>>
Rajesh Parthasarathy
Many define sensitive information as personal or corporate data like social security numbers or credit card numbers or sales... more>>
Sharada Prasadita
Typically, the majority of their management's attention is spent on operational and tactical activities but not strategic... more>>

People Manager

C. Mahalingam
EMBA graduates need to understand the often-forgotten truth that it is not what EMBA does to them that is of consequence rather... more>>


Sanjit Chatterjee
Visiting us during her vacations, Manjari, my teenage niece, asked me if I would help her with a summer project. more>>

In Focus

ST Team
We all know that, excess of everything is bad and the same applies to technology too. more>>
ST Team
When Nitin Nohria, an alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology, joined Harvard as a faculty in 1988, none would have thought... more>>
ST Team
Google displaced iPhone maker Apple to become the second most popular provider of Smartphone software in the United States... more>>
ST Team
With a wave of tablet PCs hitting the consumer market, there has been a lot of discussions on whether these devices can emerge... more>>
ST Team
Intel intends to use its wireless display (Wi-Di) technology to mobile devices like smartphones and tablet computers. more>>
ST Team
As long as people have the need to share their excitement with others the written form of communication is bound to exist. more>>
ST Team
What will be your answer if you are asked about your favorite operating system? more>>
ST Team
There are hardly any people on the planet today who have never tried their hands on any mobile game. more>>

Woman Achiever

Vimali Swamy
She rubbishes the idea of the existence of a glass ceiling and believes that it is just one’s capability and competency that... more>>
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