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UMS Tech Labs: Unleashing the Potential of Call Center at Your Table-top with Google Suite + Cloud Telephony

Anamika Sahu
Wednesday, February 8, 2017
Anamika Sahu
Did you know that you can potentially run a complete call center or handle calls/SMSes with just a computer and internet connection? Sounds unbelievable! UMS Tech Labs have made this possible through its complete product line (around mini-CRM cum call center management and a patent pending product) by just merging two disjoint technologies (Google Suite and Cloud Telephony). Today the product is loved across the globe by 500+ happy customers including Amazon, Uber, Nielsen & Municipal Corporations, Xiaomi, Practo, Amnesty International, Groupon and several others. Till date, the company has moved over 1,00,000 users across 500+ customers.The product line helps modern businesses to not miss any business opportunity while staying in touch with their customers efficiently over calls and SMSes. Their patent pending product of an automated method and system of running call centers without requiring traditional PRI lines or expensive infrastructure setups will further help save heavy CAPEX and OPEX costs for customers while managing their sales or support leads more effectively. "We process more than five million calls a month (powered by Google Cloud Platform at the backend)," says Shashank Todwal, CEO, UMS.

Due to the extensive knowledge the company holds in Google Technologies, UMS is often invited in many Google Developer Events as a guest speaker. As a Google Partner, the company breathes Google and helps customers transform the way they work with a solution approach rather than a salesy/trading approach, with cutting-edge Google technologies backed by Google Certified Professionals. The complete engineering team specialized on Google Technologies gives an unparalleled competitive advantage to UMS and its customers. "We make user friendly, modern, secure yet affordable solutions and better ways of working over Google Technologies," asserts Shashank. The comprehensive product line around Google Suite-Cloud Telephony gives the ability to potentially run the entire business telephony operations right from Google Sheets! While some of the large e-Commerce companies use the product for ad hoc scheduling of their undelivered orders, many other companies use it for conducting scalable automated telephonic interviews and surveys. UMS' Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) on Google Cloud Platform connects CRMs with Cloud Telephony Infrastructure providers. The product is heavily leveraged by several startups for lead/deal aggregation as well.

The Genesis

A halted college project might sound not that interesting, but when it creates an opportunity for you, it becomes a game changer. Shashank had a similar brush with destiny. While pursuing his studies from BITS, Pilani, Shashank under the guidance of Prof. D.M. Kulkarni (DMK) urged BITS to adopt Google Suite for Education (then known as Google Apps for Education) that was struggling to centralize email and file storage across their four campuses for better inter-campus communication and collaboration. But due to lack of approvals around 2011, they were unable to execute the project then, and ultimately was shelved. Post his graduation, while Shashank was working with Google, Prof. DMK got the necessary approvals and reached him.

"I promptly started working on the same and thus with BITS, Pilani being the first customer, UMS Tech Labs was founded in 2012," reminisces Shashank. BITS saved Rs. 2 crore on CAPEX and 60-70 lac on OPEX each year by going Google. Post realizing that just deploying/rendering additional services to Google Suite may not be a sustainable and scalable business model, the company shifted gears and started building its own Intellectual Property while developing its own engineering team. UMS pivoted from building admin tools for G Suite to developing Google Suite-Cloud Telephony Products and soon became the market leader in this specialized space. Based near Mumbai, this company today has grown to have a separate R&D division and a separate current business unit along with a satellite office in U.S.

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