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June - 2007 - issue > In My Opinion

Towards heralding a million social entrepreneurs

Gunjan Sinha
Thursday, May 31, 2007
Gunjan Sinha
Over the last decade, as I have personally been busy creating, building, and orchestrating various startups, each with their own views to change the world, I have come to a realization: that entrepreneurship itself needs to be democratized. As with every thing else in the world, first there were the “elite entrepreneurs” who changed the world (literally). From early innovators like Thomas Edison (creator of General Electric) and Graham Bell (founder of AT&T), to modern day pioneers like Vinod Khosla (creator of Sun Micro) and Dhirubhai Ambani (of Reliance Industries), the list goes on endlessly.

Most of these entrepreneurs and the hundreds of thousands of others who have adopted entrepreneurship as their career, either by choice or circumstances, have shared few things in common. They have in many ways combined seven key elements to create value for themselves and the society
1) An unstoppable power to dream the dreams
2) Taking advantage of some major market, technology or industry shifts
3) Ability to rally people behind them to pursue their dreams
4) A foolish willingness to fail, giving them the power to take risks.
5) Access to capital to allow them to succeed.
6) Access to entrepreneurial mentors and coaches to help them navigate the journey
7) Last but not least, ability to work hard and commit their present and future to the cause.

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