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July - 2006 - issue > Cover Story

Top 25 Emerging Companies

ST Team
Saturday, July 1, 2006
ST Team
It is said good things come in small packs. There are over 800 startup companies in Bangalore alone. There are several others across India. If their number is an eyebrow raiser, the technologies they work on are a mindblower.

This issue is an icebreaker: You’ll hear companies you have probably not heard; what do they do, and why we think these companies hold a promise. We have spoken to about 150 companies. All of them short-listed subjectively taking into account the quality of the founders, investors, market landscape, business fundamentals as well as the company’s ability to execute thus far.

In U.S., during the peak time, before the bubble burst, most of the techies quit MNCs to work in startups for the promising career they offered. They knew newer technologies could take them to places and increase their monetary reserve manifold.

Techies who joined Microsoft, Oracle or Sun Microsystems before 1986 took the risk of working for smaller companies at that time but probably made hundreds of times more money than their fellow techies working on similar technologies in old guard well–established companies. Or to the more recent past, techies who joined Google in even 1998-2002 time frame became multi millionaires when the company went public and are enjoying their wealth.

In India too this trend will catch up. We sure hope that some of the companies we have “discovered” in this issue also join this league where their current and future employees make enormous amount of wealth from the success of their companies while they also get to work on cutting-edge technologies.

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