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July-2006 issue
Cover Story
Author: ST Team
Startups have always been a nice place to work in but you didnt know where to work in. This list will help identify those emerging companies where you will find your real vesting. more>>

My Toughest Challenge

President & CEO of Mindtree talks about the resurgence of his company. more>>

Guru Speak

Kiran Karnik
Shortage of skills and quality of workforce could be a stumbling block for growth of Indian IT industry. more>>


Sridhar Jayanthi
Get insight into how to perform and behave in a Services or a Product company. more>>


Abhay Gupte
MD of EDS India shares his mantra to lead people. more>>

Tricks of a Good Manager

Keerthana Venkatesh
Boby Joseph of Honeywell Technologies is an expert in balancing formal and informal mechanisms. That's the trick for his... more>>

Woman Achiever

Keerthana Venkatesh
Get a glimse at 16- year career of Pallavi Muralidhara, Manager at Cisco India. more>>

Ten Silly Reason

Sanjeev Jain
People always come up with creative reasons for no shows and there are many - some hilarious and some quite difficult to... more>>

Movers and Shakers

Keerthana Venkatesh
Reddy's experience in mergers and acquisitions finds him as the CFO of Applabs. more>>
Keerthana Venkatesh
Ashutosh Vaidya returns to Wipro Infotech to revitalize customer marketing. more>>
Keerthana Venkatesh
Kalyan Gangavarapu plans to introduce a quarterly-culture at Four-Soft. more>>

Sage Speak

Chetan Bhangdia
When you switch companies, know why you are doing so. more>>
Atul Goyal
Both business and technology have its strengths and drawbacks. Understand your priorities and take your pick. more>>
Sanjay Singh
Empowerment begins when employees exercise the need to change themselves. more>>

HR Speak

ST Team
UVG Sekar of iGate talks about his interests and dislikes in candidates he interviews. more>>
ST Team
Anuradha Duttagupta of IDeaS talks about what makes her choose and drop candidates. more>>
ST Team
Sunita Rao of BEA Systems tells what she likes and dislikes in candidates. more>>
ST Team
Kiran Verma of Cable and Wireless shares her experience in interviewing candidates. more>>
ST Team
Saritha Radhakrishnan of CSR India says what she likes and dislikes in candidates. more>>

How I Got Where I am Today

Pradeep Shankar
Career Map of Rama Velpuri, CTO of Kenexa Technologies more>>


Satheesh Kumar
Without a definitive career vision, techies trudge along the direction in which the organization pushes him rather than... more>>
Rangarajan Narasimhan
Staying postive at all times will help you ascend the career ladder and be successful. more>>
Sharad Sharma
A four-part transformation recipe for break-outs in the enterprise software market. This needs a secret ingredient to succeed:... more>>
C Mahalingam (Mali)
Great Managers are often viewed as the best friend at work by their team members. Now, does it come easy to be a good People... more>>
Vijay Anand
Ten points techies should think about as they develop their careers as technical leaders and entrepreneurs. more>>

In Focus

ST Team
Tata Consultancy Services tops the annual NASSCOM rating again. more>>
ST Team
IBM chief Sam Palmisano is bullish about IBMs's prospects in India. more>>

Last Word

Poornima Shenoy
Companies seeking to expand semiconductor design activities in India may not find competent professionals. more>>
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