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The Sumati Group: A Techno-Legal Companion to Your Business

Kavitha G.
Thursday, December 11, 2014
Kavitha G.
Although enterprises are increasing their awareness of legal and compliance challenges, optimizing risk-value tradeoffs is still a major challenge. Addressing this requires a concrete IT enabled methodology, powered by the right blend of relevant technology and integrated legal services. 'The Sumati Group'stands as an august example with its robust methodology that not only fulfills this dramatic need, but also empowers businesses by providing them technology tools that are purpose built. "The Sumati Group is not a Legal Process Outsourcer (LPO) driven by a labor arbitrage value proposition. Rather, we are viewed by clients as subject matter experts who understand uniquely how corporate legal departments operate and can expertly integrate technology with legal services to solve business problems," explains Prashant Dubey, President & CEO, The Sumati Group.

Incepted just four years ago, The Sumati Group has already established itself as a front runner in the Legal, Compliance & Information Management (LCIM) Market.Sumati Group is the nerve centre for key businesses in its portfolio that include Sumati Technologies, Sumati Legal Services and Sumati Consulting. Led by deep technology offerings, the firm has developed applications in which OptiSourcing™is a highly differentiated technology-enabled services methodology. This approach ensures deployment of the optimal resource with the optimal expertise to conduct the optimal bill of activities. OptiSourcing™ delineates legal business processes on the basis of their risk, cost, business value and health, while enables prioritization of initiatives at companies based on the organizations desire and appetite to reduce risk. "This approach also ensures that while our clients enjoy the economic benefits of a relationship with an India based service provider, they also have confidence that their risk management parameters have been properly accounted for," adds Prashant.

In the race to expand, many legal service organizations often overlook quality delivery of services, creating catastrophic damage to the over-all economy.With unwavering focus on documentation, internal utilization of enabling technology and quality control, Sumati deploys all its teams in a Dedicated Operations Center (DOC) model where a client is assigned a team of named professionals. "We write service level agreements (SLA's) with clients that limit the percentagechurn in these teams in a given year. To ensure fulfillment of these SLA's, wealso over-resource a team without charging our clients," further explains Pawan Kumar, Chief Operating Officer. In addition, the firm also takes a unique approach named Enabling Lawyers to Practice More Law™ which ensures that in establishing every service relationship, lawyers at the client organization are able to increase their focus on substantive issues of law. This not only reduces risk for companies, but also increases morale, which enables Sumati clients to retain good lawyers in their legal department.

The Key to Innovation

As the name itself suggests, Sumati (which means pure mind and pure intent in Sanskrit) is fully equipped with the pure intent-driven crew who are empowered to help clients make better decisions. The senior executive team has years of experience in many leadership roles and invests its proven prowess in delivering services such as contract review and negotiation, eDiscovery, records management &information governance, intellectual property prosecution &portfolio management, legal information technology &application management, eBilling, document review and records management. The technologists at Sumati work in tandem with the legal wizards at Sumati to configure, customize and deploy legal technology applications, thus trimming down cost, reducing risk and optimizing cycle time. To provide it's associates stability, the company fosters a transparent work culture where mistakes are considered learning moments and direct peer-to-peer feedback is a galvanizing engine. The healthy ambience has also enabled Sumati become a preferred destination for highly qualified technologists and attorneys and the low turnover rate of staff is a testament to this.

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