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The Entrepreneur's Mindset: 4KTA

Naveen Bisht
Co-founder of Auriss Technologies Inc & Board Member, Chair- Programs-The Indus Entrepreneur (TiE) Silicon Valley
Thursday, January 3, 2013
Naveen Bisht
It's the start of the New Year! This brings new hopes, new dreams, new resolutions and a new beginning. Wishing you all entrepreneurs, whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or already on your entrepreneurial journey in this planet, a very Happy New Year and a massive success this year. This is an opportune time to focus on a critical and important ingredient of entrepreneurship. I call it the Entrepreneur’s Mindset. Mindset refers to a fixed mental attitude or disposition that predetermines a person's responses to and interpretations of situations. How does this apply to entrepreneurs? Here are four key take away (4KTA) points on this important ingredient.

1. Passion

As an entrepreneur, one thing I have learnt is to be really passionate about what I try to do and deliver results once I make a commitment. It’s important that you are absolutely passionate about your idea, product or service. You really believe that it is a gigantic opportunity for you to do good for your customers and for humanity in general. It sounds like a big and bold statement. However, if you look at all the highly successful entrepreneurs, they are driven by bold and big visions. Not only their passion and excitement for their products and services is amazing but also, it can excite and inspire their teams to deliver incredible results beyond their imaginations. For instance, Bill Gates visualized having one computer in every home over thirty years ago, when there was not even one computer in anyone’s home.

Today, we frequently find more than one computer in people’s homes. Similarly, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page and Sergey Brin have big visions for their respective companies to make society a better place. More passionate you are, stronger your desire is to realize your vision into a reality. As they say, visualize where you want to go and then charge ahead by making it happen, no matter what it takes. One simple exercise that you may want to try is to sit down and shut your eyes for four minutes. Now, visualize what you really want to accomplish, feel it and experience having accomplished it fully. Upon realization of your idea into a full-fledged and highly successful company, now continue to visualize how you would use your success to do greater good for humanity.

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