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April - 2006 - issue > Cover Story

The Doctor With The Midas Touch

Krishna Kumar
Friday, March 31, 2006
Krishna Kumar
To say Dr. Sudhir Parikh has the healing touch would be only part of the story. This New Jersey-based allergy and immunology specialist is also an entrepreneur of international renown with what can only be described the Midas touch.

When not being sought after by patients, those at the highest level of business and finance are courting Dr. Parikh. He was recently offered multi-millions by a Wall Street private equity firm to buy-out his practice. “I told them I am not selling yet,” was his reply. And that's because his thirst for expansion is just not satiated yet. He has one of the largest conglomerates of super-specialty practices in the United States, and myriad chapters to his story, all woven with the common thread of success.

A 59-year old native of Gujarat, Dr. Parikh has risen dramatically from his modest roots to receiving the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman-the Government of India's highest civilian honor for non-resident Indians. His achievements have even been recorded in the U.S. Congressional record. These days, Dr. Parikh sees his success as a simple result of doing what he thought as right, noting that, “perhaps it has all been worth it.”

Early Background
Born and raised in an extended joint Gujarati family, Dr. Parikh is the second of five children. Like all of his siblings, he graduated from medical college, but with the highest scores and a citation to boot.

After getting his Doctorate in Medicine, he left for England, where, after only six months of working in a small hospital, he found himself being recommended to work at one of the most prestigious medical institutions in the country: St. Bartholomew Hospital in London, the equivalent to Harvard medical school in the U.S. Commendably, of the 600-odd physicians at St. Bartholomew at that time, Dr. Parikh was one of only a handful of Asian doctors.

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