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The Changing Landscape of the Indian Workplace

Harsh Lambah, Country Manager, Regus India
Wednesday, June 15, 2016
Harsh Lambah, Country Manager, Regus India
Headquartered in Luxembourg, Regus is a multinational workplace solutions provider offering convenient, high-quality, fully serviced spaces for people to work, whether for a few minutes or a few years.

The workplace in India, as we've known it, is rapidly changing. The need for a healthy work-life balance, difficulties faced by longer commuting times and higher commute costs as well as the recent start-up boom have all transformed the way Indians work today. Productivity and profitability is paramount, but so is the employees' well-being. Organizations understand that to be successful, it is critical to retain good talent and in their endeavour to do so, the work environment is now becoming increasingly flexible.

The Importance of Work-Life Balance

Work hours are no longer the only measure for productivity. This is particularly excellent for women who are returning from their motherhood break, and also for professionals looking for a better work-life balance. In one of the surveys that Regus conducted globally in January 2015, over 68 percent of the respondents reported that fixed working hours are no longer suitable for them to complete their duties. Over 50 percent reported that traffic jams cause delays in getting to work or meetings, and therefore hamper their productivity. Shortening or doing away with the commute would definitely help them stay focused on work without the stress of commuting. This is why several organizations today provide this flexibility to work remotely, thereby enhancing their productivity while ensuring a work-life balance.

Some organisations also encourage employees to work from home. This is a particularly recent development to the Indian work scene. In the west, work-from-home has been a growing trend. The only challenge with working from home though is the need to create a special space for work and that is difficult to do in most Indian households. This then forces professionals to work out of cafes and that's not always ideal. With the rapid emergence of co-working spaces and specialized office spaces like Regus, professionals and organizations now have options that are both convenient and productive. It's much easier to conduct meetings, interviews or video conferences out of these spaces rather than at a cafe or one's home.

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