The Big Issues Facing HR

Arun Kumar, Founder & CEO, Trabaajo
Thursday, February 9, 2017
Arun Kumar, Founder & CEO, Trabaajo
Headquartered in Mumbai, Trabaajo is the first of its kind mobile application for job search & recruitment facilities at all positions across the globe. The entity is a one stop solution for all recruitment process.

Over the past few years, the changes in our business landscape have made the human resource departments face critical situations and challenges. Whether it's for an organization to run the HR department or solve the challenges faced by the team, the enforcement of corporate HR polices has emerged as one of the primal issues in the modern scenario today. To eradicate the challenges, HR professionals have compelled businesses to take serious measures to retain their workforce and HR teams across industries have geared up their policies for effective growth of the organization.

Key challenges faced by the HR department are listed below-

Recruitment & Retention

Replacing employees that have left an organization through the process of attrition has always been one of the major challenges faced in recent times. To bring in HR effectiveness, professionals must try to look for candidates with a blend on talent, capability, competence, experience and personality. Even though there might be a large pool of candidates with general talent levels, hiring someone with a great skill set makes a difference and the entire task has to be managed in an effective manner. When it comes to retention, an organization has to make efforts to retain its employees. How can a company retain existing talent? Well, there has to be an equal balance between remuneration and incentive for satisfying people with high levels of skills in the business.

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