The Big Issues Facing HR

Date:   Thursday , February 09, 2017

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Over the past few years, the changes in our business landscape have made the human resource departments face critical situations and challenges. Whether it\'s for an organization to run the HR department or solve the challenges faced by the team, the enforcement of corporate HR polices has emerged as one of the primal issues in the modern scenario today. To eradicate the challenges, HR professionals have compelled businesses to take serious measures to retain their workforce and HR teams across industries have geared up their policies for effective growth of the organization.

Key challenges faced by the HR department are listed below-

Recruitment & Retention

Replacing employees that have left an organization through the process of attrition has always been one of the major challenges faced in recent times. To bring in HR effectiveness, professionals must try to look for candidates with a blend on talent, capability, competence, experience and personality. Even though there might be a large pool of candidates with general talent levels, hiring someone with a great skill set makes a difference and the entire task has to be managed in an effective manner. When it comes to retention, an organization has to make efforts to retain its employees. How can a company retain existing talent? Well, there has to be an equal balance between remuneration and incentive for satisfying people with high levels of skills in the business.

Effective Sourcing Candidates

Are you the right candidate? The role of a recruiter is to find an ideal candidate for a position whilst minimizing the number of candidates a hiring manager needs to meet. Assuming every HR professional has good talent pools, they need to act as a filter to identify the right candidate for the job. Furthermore, they need to shortlist those candidates who have a good personality and a cultural fit in the organization.

Best Candidates Deciding Between Multiple Offers at Once

One of crucial problems faced by the HR department is when the best candidate has to decide between two organizations. It is a known fact that every candidate looks for a job with multiple MNCs as well as local organizations. The challenge here is to make sure that the candidate is made comfortable right from the time of his/her interview. HR experts and managers should have the skill to ensure that the interview process is a two-way communication rather than just having an interrogation session with the candidate.

Outsourcing Recruitment Processes

It is true that the recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) has evolved as an important strategy in which companies can assign the tasks of recruitment to the third party. With this evolution, many companies are taking advantage of RPO to reduce cost and time, and improve the quality of hires. However, as RPO does your job, the thing you need to understand is that RPO\'s decisions are not to be considered as a quick fix. You need to work together and find the right candidate, not just pass it on!

Candidates with the Right Aptitude

Aptitude tests are everywhere! This test help to assess the candidate\'s learning capabilities and provides indicators to HR in deciding how well he/she can contribute in the given job profile. The challenge with HR professional is to evaluate and analyze the test on the basis of the candidates\' performance. Out of many applications, selecting just one candidate for a role becomes tough, and at times unfair. The best way to fight against this is, to look for that certain kind of work, learning ability and specific skills of a candidate.

Productivity & Training

Once a candidate has been hired, productivity and creativity play an important role. When an employee\'s productivity falls below the minimum expectations, the HR team needs to look into the cause of the problem and offer solutions. At such times, training should be given to make sure the employee remains highly motivated at all times. To ensure that you get the best performance from the employees, the HR department should arrange knowledge sharing sessions, in-house training programs or off-site training visits.