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March - 2012 - issue > Marketing 2.0

The 4Ps of Marketing have changed!

Vishwas Nair
Thursday, March 15, 2012
Vishwas Nair
Narasimhan TUPIL (Nash),Chief Marketing Officer, Technology Services,
Hewlett-Packard, Asia Pacific & Japan

There is a beautiful quote by Albert Einstein that I always refer to, "If you cannot explain something properly, you have not understood it well enough". This holds especially true for those in the technology driven business.

As a marketing person, one is caught between two sets of people; one who are from a high tech background and converse in jargons like "delivery", "optimization", "Hybrid" etc. and second, the customers who have no ounce of understanding of these tech lingos and talk in terms of cost effectiveness of business, increased efficiency and more. The role of marketing here is to bridge this communication gap, i.e. simplify all of these technical terms with the customers.

For example, some of our latest servers have a sea of sensors. Earlier we used to cool the servers in an environment which is kept in freezing temperatures. Now, we have come to a state where different parts of the server can be cooled at different levels thus saving power and cooling bills. But how do you make a customer understand this. He is not interested in knowing how you managed to achieve this.

What he wants to know is how it can help his business. As a marketing manager, what one needs to talk to the customer is about the benefits of one’s product and not the nitty-gritty of it.

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