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Tesco HSC: The Technology Engine Of Tesco

Anamika Sahu
Wednesday, August 1, 2012
Anamika Sahu
Chin Ho, a software engineer in Korea, is walking through the metro station busy having his breakfast. He comes across a poster of grocery items. He picks up his smartphone and scans the bar code and processes something on his phone. And when he reaches home, the order had been delivered. This is how Britain’s largest and world’s third largest retailer Tesco surprises its customers and gains their loyalty. But who is the brain behind such a wonderful technology? Who is driving such innovation for Tesco?

The man behind such profound technology innovations is none other than Sandeep Dhar, the CEO of the global service arm of Tesco, Tesco HSC. Headquartered in Bangalore, India, Tesco Hindustan Service Centre (HSC) initially started as a back-end support centre for the retail giant Tesco’s global operations, but has now moved up the value chain. It is now crafting products that will transform Tesco’s global business, especially developing mobile application that drives online sales. It is the global service arm of Tesco worldwide and functions as the pulse for the Tesco group, providing key business services for its operations globally.

To combat the increasing competition globally in terms of technology, especially mobile, which is offering people the convenient option of mobile payment or shopping and several other things while on the move; Tesco created Tesco HSC as a mobile application lab. And under the thought leadership and guidance of Dhar, the company is developing the latest technologies to serve various purposes of the parent company globally. Tesco HSC develops mobile grocery applications for iPad, iPhone, Android, and has also developed another shopping application for windows mobile as well for the consumers to shop while being mobile, along with all the IT, business and financial services.

From reducing checkout time at the checkout counters to implementing IT applications that support global finance operations, Tesco HSC develops solutions that make the Tesco retail experience much more simple and smooth. "Our team of IT, business and finance professionals are driven by ideas that can rapidly streamline overall functioning for greater customer experience and profitability," says Sandeep Dhar, CEO, Tesco HSC.

The contribution of the center has now aligned to mission-critical business goals of the organization. "The growing international competition of multi-channel commerce has given rise to the electronic channel, and in order to deliver a complete customer experience we need to integrate the channels," says Dhar.

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